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Major Backstage Shake-Up at Tonight’s WWE RAW

– Reports from tonight’s RAW are that Vince McMahon has not been in a good mood today. This led to head RAW writer Brian Gewirtz being removed from his job after more than 10 years. Gewirtz is still working as a consultant.

Vince reportedly told the producers he wants results or resignations. Everyone is said to be scared for their jobs. We hope to have more soon.


  • Ricardo

    Cena is being shoved down our throats? Well, when I watch Raw I only see Cena once or maybe twice per show. Yet during the last year, IWC sweethearts Punk and Bryan are all over the place – ring segments, backstage segments, matches. What happens to ratings when Cena steps away from the spotlight? They drop. That is a verifiable fact. Download the rating time series and analyse it yourselves. If Vince wants improvements, take the damn title away from Ice-Cream-Bar Punk and put it on someone who’s actually exciting.

  • Devil_Rising

    A) Man Vince sounds like an asshole.

    B) Yes, by all means let Heyman run creative. The guy was responsible for the best stretch Smackdown ever had.

  • Hasan

    Holy shit!! Could we have better raws now?

  • dave

    nothing happens EVERY week!

  • Jeff Miles

    Vince is the best…the god of the industry…he will mot fuck it up.

  • Titan

    You either have your pg kiddie show or you have rating with a more “attitude style”program. But you can’t have both

  • Best In The World

    Vince should drop pg era tonight

  • byron

    about dam time vince listens to the fans. Your writers are horrible!

  • Moe

    What does Vincent expect, cena being shoved down our throats the product is getting stale. Cena vs punk all the time. At least lesnar can draw.

  • With current restrictions, I don’t think (as much as I like Hayman) Hayman is the answer either! Imo

  • scooter

    I think Marty Derosa should get it.

  • BITW

    I don’t think its much anyone’s fault the times are just changing and wrestling is not what it used to be. It’s more mainstream now yes with wrestlers popping up everywhere in Hollywood but it’s just a different time.

  • VKM look in the freaking mirror and you will see a lot of your problem! We don’t want social media BS, Tout, replay after reply, recap after recap, Cena, Cena, Cena, 49 hours of WWE every week! Make it special, different and somewhat old school with a mix of new, a blade now and again and longer matches then talking! BAM ratings increase!!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    Put… Paul…Heyman…on…creative…..NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    Now give the job to Paul Heyman.