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Major Problems at TNA Live Event Last Night, Wrestlers Not Allowed to Compete, Jeff Hardy

– The TNA live event in Cape Girardeau, Missouri started last night with a TNA agent coming out and announcing that Chris Sabin, Garett Bischoff, Jay Bradley, Wes Brisco, Gail Kim and Miss Tessmacher would not be allowed to compete by the Missouri Athletic Commission because they did not have licenses to wrestle.

Around 500 fans were in attendance for the 90 minute show. The card featured just 5 matches and 3 of those 5 featured the same four wrestlers. Quick results look like this:

* Bully Ray beat James Storm
* Devon beat Gunner
* Samoa Joe beat Bobby Roode
* Gunner and James Storm beat Ray and Devon
* Jeff Hardy beat Kurt Angle

TNA officials tried to make up for the problems by inviting all fans backstage after the show to meet wrestlers for free. However, Jeff Hardy charged $20 for a photo and fans could not get his autograph. This led to some of the people that paid $65 for VIP tickets to be upset that fans were getting what they paid for for free.

  • terrible dream

    you need a license to wrestle what?

  • Ultimo Cordero

    WCW-style takeover? This time it’s Triple H buying TNA. This can play out for like 6 months.

  • jeff miller

    Maybe but even so i dont think 20 bucks is going to break jeff hardy hes not a starving up and coming wrestler, hes a well paid and should be well set vet who should not be asking for 20 bucks to take a pic thats some starving indie scene sh!t

  • StocktonJoe

    Maybe Jeff Hardy is one of the folk who got paid late – or not at all.

  • jeff miller

    Whats more pathetic, the fact that jeff hardy a guy who probably made more money just working that one night then most of the fans in attendence make in a month charged 20 bucks for a picture, or the fact that some fan was willing to pay that 20 bucks to have his picture takin with someone who obviously lost his passion for the bussiness and its fans a long time ago.

  • rob

    hardys gotta make that drug money somehow

  • Dude, ROH can’t get their shit together long enough to even challenge TNA. TNA sucks, no doubt, but ROH, while they have good matches, just don’t have “it”. They lack actual characters for most of their wrestlers, the company itself kind of lacks personality, and they seem to have lost their way from years ago when they really stood out on the indy scene. Ever since they got this “TV Deal”, they’ve seriously gone downhill. To me, the whole overly drawn out Kevin Steen deal was dumb, and personally, you’ve got some serious problems when you’ve got one of the Brisco Brothers as your champion.

    Personally, I would love to see Chikara get bigger, because quite frankly, out of all the wrestling promotions going today, they’re the most fun to watch, hands down.

  • CC

    Oh come on, how can they expect to be taken seriously if they cant do something as simple as either sort out the necessary licences or only put people on a card who are able to wrestle.

  • Will Henderson

    if half the talent don’t have have a license to work that state, then don’t host a house show there period.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Jeff hardy is a prick

  • LoganSR71

    Damn $20?

  • xXx

    good. wwe and roh can salvage the survivors

  • ddfindl

    TNA is getting closer and closer to collapsing completely

  • Jeff Wurtz

    This is why TNA is a distant distant number 2 in the wrestling world… Maybe even number 3 depending on your thoughts of ROH

  • Solid

    lol. that is all. 😛