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Maria Menounos Addresses WrestleMania XXVIII Status Following Rib Injury

After it was reported Monday that Maria Menounos suffered two broken ribs during a recent dancing rehearsal for Dancing with the Stars, doubt was raised that she would be fit to compete this Sunday at WrestleMania XXVIII in the Divas Tag Team Match pitting herself and Kelly Kelly against Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Eve. The entertainment personality, however, assures fans that she will be competing at the event in spite of her injury.

When asked on Twitter whether she will team with Kelly at WrestleMania despite being hurt, she responded, “Wouldn’t miss it!”

The Extra host is taking several precautions to ensure the injury doesn’t become more serious. “I’m icing when I get home. My friend Joe drives me from rehearsals and I have a pedicure station with ice in it in my car, so I ice my whole body down,” Menounos told US Weekly.

“Once I get home, I get in a hot tub and in an Epsom salt bath. I can’t believe how dangerous dancing is! I told Derek, ‘I don’t understand! I played ice hockey, football, basketball — when did I get so fragile?’ Unfortunately the Hough’s too rough!”

  • Devil_Rising

    Oh goody. We still get to watch her “Match”. Fantastic.

  • ##

    Please stay home Maria!

  • Snark Mark

    Jericho went his entire wrestling career and managed to avoid major injuries. He did half a season of Dancing With The Stars, injured his back, and needed DDP yoga to help him get healthy enough to reenter the ring. Dancing is apparently really bad for you. Probably the shoes.

  • Matt

    if she gets injured just by dancing, shes gonna die wrestling.