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Mark Henry Reportedly Injured At WWE House Show

Although not confirmed, thanks to Andy Fong for sending in the following…

Just wanted to let you guys know – I was at the house show in Boston tonight, and it appeared Mark Henry may have been legitimately injured. Don’t be surprised to see his role diminished on TV. It was the end of the show and he was making a run in with RVD and Ziggler to save Bryan from an attack from the Shield. Halfway to the ring, Henry looked like he pulled something. He could barely pull himself into the ring, and when he got in there, he didn’t do anything. As the show finished, he struggled to get out of the ring, and limped pretty heavily to the back. He looked pissed off.

  • CC

    The biggest problem Henry has is his weight. Human legs are not designed to carry that much weight. On top of his own bodyweight, all the power lifting etc that he has done will all take a toll on the joints and ligaments etc,

  • The Killswitch

    Well, it happened. Someone actually made the user name “Cryback.”

  • Matt Farrell

    And people say Sin Cara’s injury prone? Time to hang it up.

  • Jeffrey Bolo Bolden


  • CC
  • Cryback

    Worlds strongest limp