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Marty Jannetty Responds To D’Angelo Dinero Calling Him Out For A Fight

Sunday on Facebook, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero slammed Marty Jannetty online again for carelessly striking Balls Mahoney with a chair during a match for independent wrestling promotion Pro Wrestling Syndicate in March. The TNA Wrestling star wrote, “Have anyone heard from Marty Chairnetty??? You know, the guy that single handily almost did in one night to Balls Mahoney what sex, drugs, and ECW couldn’t do in 20yrs; End His Freaking Career!?!??

“Well, If ya hear from the coon, let’em know that Pope is out of semi retirement for the moment and is hoping that he grow some balls, head to Orlando, do what Pope won’t do, and that’s kiss Hogan’s @ss, and beg for the opportunity to show up on iMPACT WRESTLING OFN and call Pope out. Hopefully he’s dressed in his 1980’s Rockers attire, otherwise Pope may not recognize him! ~ PHS.”

Jannetty caught wind of Dinero’s comments and posted a rebuttal on Wednesday via Facebook.

The former WWE Superstar wrote: “Someone get this word over to big mouth Elijah “The Dope” Burke . it’s really quite simple..take a look at the suicide dive over the top rope on Jerry Lynn(photo below)..Jerry Lynn is one hella competitor, so I brought my A+ game to that took a lot out of me and out of Jerry but,the crowd of 1300 were on their feet cheering BOTH of us on as the match progressed..we gave everything we had in the ring, neither of us had much energy left to walk back to the dressing room, where we were met with a standing ovation. and word in the streets is people have been talking about it ever since..Here’s the thing you need to think about Mr Burke.. I like Jerry he’s a friend, I like Mahoney, he’s a friend(he just couldnt keep up the blistering pace) what that means to you Elijah Butts(whatever your name is this week), things in the ring with you will be a whole hella lot, if you got any “Balls” like your boy Mahoney..stop talking shit and get in the ring with me. You wanna call me out on where? South Compton Street Corners? Sheeit I’ll come there to you, I probably got more friends there than you gonna find out the in the worse way, I aint your average white brother..(b4 anyone hits me up with this being racist over these comments, consider I have a black girlfriend and the Compton comment is because I heard that’s where he was hidding out, or was “hangin out” this past week with TNA.. I tell you you what Mr. Butts, rather than you just bumpin your gums and flapping your yap all negative about me and what you can do about it, let me put it out there like this..ANY PROMOTER, ANYWHERE WANTS TO BOOK A “”STREET FIGHT”” BETWEEN ME MR BUTTS (OR WHATEVER HE CALLS HIMSELF , THE POPE) I’M READY TO SIGN FOR THE FIGHT RIGHT NOW..ANYWHERE..BUT HEY HOW BOUT THIS MR BUTTS, RAHWAY,NJ WHERE YOUR BOY THREW UP, I’M SURE WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO COME THERE IN HIS DEFENSE AGANST ME..BUT THIS IS OPEN CHALLENGE TO ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY, HELL ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!..POST THIS ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE YOU WANT AND CAN(IN FACT EVERYONE DO THAT, WATCH HOW FAST WE FLUSH THIS RAT OUT).. STEP UP MR BADD AZZ ELIJAH BUTTS..POST THIS ON PLACES YOU RUN YOUR MOUTH.CAUSE WE TALK ABOUT IT, OR WE CAN BE ABOUT IT..I CAN SHOW MUCH BETTER THAN I CAN TELL YOU WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN TO YO AZZ IF YOU GRAB THE NUTS TO STEP UP IN THE RING IN STREET FIGHT MATCH WITH ME..WAIT,QUIETLY LISTEN FOR A COUPLE SECONDS……..YOU HEAR THAT?…THAT’S THE SOUND OF MR. BUTTS SHITTING IN HIS PANTS RIGHT NOW!”

  • SYM

    The Fuck is this? Marty Jannety is Nothing. He hasn’t gotten a single thing under his belt besides being HBK’s Bitch. Pope is a Punk aswell. All he can do is Talk a good Game. With that being said This would be Perfect for TNA OFN. -_-

  • Jason L

    Great … someone cloned the TNA mark LOL

  • fail

    Jannety blew more chances then jenna Jameson blew dudes

  • Reverse prince albert

    Porch monkey pope got owned

  • TheSheepDog

    if only wrestlers gave half the passion on tv that they give on tweets, the whole show would improve leaps and bounds, not referring to jannetty though, but in general

  • No Name Required

    I’d like to see this match have it in Georgia, Alabama, or Tennessee I live in that general area and I think this match would be solid.

  • ##

    I would love to watch a 3 way bout with Jannetty vs Pope vs Matt Hardy where the loser leaves ALL social media websites for all eternity! If I were the booker Jannety would win because he does’nt post that often and because he’s way more entertaining and tolerable than those 2.

  • nikki

    what the hell…wasnt this reported like a couple months ago??? i remember reading about this

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I wonder how big of a career Janetty would have had if not for his personal issues.

  • T-Rob

    Wow, Someone needs to take some english classes, that was so incredibly hard to read.

  • Effmenow


    nobody gives a blue flying fuckk about seeing this match.

  • Sammo

    Agreed. Twitter does the wrestling industry no favours. 90% of wrestlers on Twitter come across as thick, arrogant, out-of-touch and just plain cringeworthy.

    But then, I guess that doesn’t exclusivly apply to wrestlers… It’s celebrities in general.

  • pandaaman

    why do wrestlers who take their frustrations online sound like such morons?