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New Matches for Hell in a Cell, Confirmed for Next Week’s Raw

– On tonight’s episode of WWE Raw it was announced that CM Punk will defend his WWE Championship against Ryback and Randy Orton will face Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell.

– The finals for the Tag Team Tournament will be decided on next week’s episode of Raw.

– Also on Raw next week, Kane will face off against The Big Show.


    i look at it like this ryback is WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY OVER so of course hes gettin a title shot nw do i think hes gone win the title its possible however if he does loses its gone b n a way that makes him look strong aka its gone b a cheap victory fa punk if they go tht way which they probably will @irishrhyno just cuz dey did the double pin at NOC doesnt mean dey woodnt do it here n @cmmark yea miz n kofi did have a good match its gone b interestin to see wat happens tomorrow nite

  • Chuva

    Punk with “Finger Poke Of Doom” on Ryback, Punk retains. Cena comes out all “SuperCena”, tries to get in the cell but can’t. Cell “mysteriously” rises and out comes Vince from the back, all “Vincey”. Demands satisfaction, ends up being Punk/Ryback vs Cena/Vince with Cena/Vince winning, no title change. Survivor Series will be Team Cena (Vince/Cena//HHH/Rock) vs Team Punk (Punk/Lesnar/Ryback/”Mystery Member”) Who? I don’t know, don’t follow WWE close enough to think of one.

  • CM Mark

    One a side note Miz and Kofi had a great match. JR called it superbly, highlight of the night.

  • CM Mark

    I don’t like where this crap is heading.

  • IrishRhyno

    Or like somebody said on the Raw results post have Punk face Vince for the title its obvious Punk wouldnt lose but it could of been a good match and if you had Punk run down Vince on Raw and Vince putting himself in the match could of worked into Vinces ‘dont take sh*t from anybody’ persona

  • IrishRhyno

    Giving Ryback the shot in HIAC was stupid,he cant lose without all his momentum going and its way to early to give him a WWE title run(and whats the point in having him lose to the Rock in 4months?).If they didnt do the double pin at NOC this would of been a good time to use it,this match will have a bs ending.

  • 2 scenarios I see happening at hiac for wwe title. Either brock will come out under the ring and give ryback an f5 with cena looking on and can’t get in and punk winning or heyman comes in cell and screw punk and ryback has been his client all along.