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Matches Taped For NXT Redemption & WWE Superstars, 2/17 SmackDown Rating

— Matches taped tonight in Rockford, Illinois for this week’s episode of WWE NXT Redemption were Tyler Reks vs. Tyson Kidd and Alex Riley vs. Titus O’Neil.

A match pitting Jinder Mahal against Justin Gabriel was taped for WWE Superstars.

No pre-taping dark match was held.

— The February 17 episode of WWE SmackDown scored a 1.97 cable rating with 2,953,000 viewers. The previous week’s show garnered a 2.17 cable rating with 3,261,000 viewers.

The February 17 show was the first SmackDown episode to draw less than 3 million viewers since January 6.

— Sean Waltman has been announced to appear at Legends of the Ring 14 taking place Saturday, June 2 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Monroe, New Jersey.


  • WWE

    Same old shit cm punk gets fame going against being mainstream and doing what “Vince wants” to just like them all before including Austin at wrestlemania X7 they all eventually go against what they stood for and that is buulshit storylines and letting Vince convince them its “good” for business routine ….and Chris brown lol I herd he cried getting tated up and gangster. NEW JACK. Should. Mass Transit. This fool for claiming he gangsta and please no cm punk v brown wrestlemania 29 even the worlds biggest mark couldn’t set front row live for that shit. I think Shane should come home and claim his spot triple h thinks is his and take wwe back were it should be

  • lazlo woodbine

    I’d like to see him call out Stone Cold for the same thing.

  • JIR

    One has to wonder if it was Punks doing or creative taking it and running wild with it

    #TeamCMPUNK Brown is just a shady ass moron deserves no respect as a man

  • Effmenow

    OMG im so #TeamCMPunk because I hate Chris Brown for beating on a woman who has not only forgiven him but has a new song out with Chris Brown.

    Which ever WWE Creative member came up with this *twitter war* idea needs to be fired. This Chris Brown thing happened years ago anyway!

    Vince Russo could book a better fued than this.