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Matt Hardy Engaged To Be Married, Rob Van Dam Glad To Not Be With WWE

Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors personality Reby Sky (real name Rebecca Reyes), a former Playboy model, revealed on her Formspring account that she and Matt Hardy are engaged to be married. A wedding is set for June 17.

The two have been dating since January.

— Rob Van Dam stated the following today on Twitter regarding Drew Carey’s pending induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.


— Ric Flair’s scheduled speaking engagement tonight at Pantages Playhouse Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba has been cancelled. Refunds will be issued beginning March 30.


  • Nicholas G

    @Mabry could not agree with you more about TNA caring to much about what is happening in the WWE. I mean Rob we all know the real truth why you are not working with the WWE. It is the same reason why Jeff Hardy is in TNA. You guys can get away with what every you want in TNA. You can smoke a much crack as you may like an nobody in TNA is going to care. An people want to say WWE drug policy is a joke which is not true. At least WWE is trying to clean up the wrestling sport. What is TNA doing about there drug policy nothing which is why Rob is there.

  • RCA

    Not that TNA is any better, but I agree with RVD on his WWE statement. I mean cmon, WWE can’t even take its hall of fame seriously? Do they really have to induct Drew Carey? I’m a big Carey fan, love his work, but there is no place for him in the hall of fame. If I were him, i’d decline that offer in a heartbeat.

  • this dude knows his wrestling

    i feel sorry for that broad soon as it goes sour hardy gonna put her and their life on blast.

    and rvd hasnt been rvd since 2001


    @CC – I couldn’t have said it better myself!!! I know it’s good to be loyal to your company, but RVD is talkin’ SHIT!! If TNA went belly up TODAY, RVD would be in WWE TOMORROW!!!

    P.S. – The reason Pete Rose is in the WWE HOF is because he’ll probably never be in the Baseball HOF…..

  • Logan

    Would somebody PLEASE explain to me why Drew Carey is being put in the WWE HOF.

    I have no idea why, you’re killing me Smalls!

  • Bri

    Ooo don’t worry in a couple years when wwe offers RVD to be in the HOF he will jump on it like crazy. I’d rather being in wwe than be with a company that’s copying wcw in every way.

  • Trixie

    wow, 0 to married in 6 months.

  • M.C.

    RVD is being kinda stupid. Sure, WWE is crap right now, but it’s way better than TNA. RVD was in svr 11. Just wish he could be on sd or r….. wait, that was a bad joke. You get the point.

  • nick

    man, i bet hes glad to work for a company that has 200 fans in total

  • doesn’t reby have a reputation for being a ring rat?
    either way good luck hope I’m either wrong or she’s grown up and is ready to commit

  • sean

    congrats to matt hopefully he can stop bashing all of lita’s ex’s or current boyriends and just move on with his life

  • wow

    there getting married till edge shows up again

  • Doink The Clown

    Crusty the clown would meet me after my matches and we’d smoke up half the night together.

  • Doink The Clown

    I smokes many weeds during my WWF days.

  • scsa852k

    Rob Van Dam and Hardyz took all the talents they had and flushed them down to toilet with weeds they smoked.
    Van Dam wouldn’t last a week in WWE thnx to drug policy.
    Lame excuse

  • mark

    congratulations Matt, maybe u and Jeff can now sort both your lives out and this is a wake up call to you both. Especially Jeff, wake the fuck up , u got a kid now

  • Will Henderson

    @Andrew, they may have been dating for one or two years, but they keep the wrestling media out of knowing for as along as possible, but they went public with there relationship in the last few months. i wish both of them luck, a marriage to a wrestler may not last long, ask Ric Flair.

  • Andrew

    it took only 3 months of dating for these 2 to set up a wedding….this has fail…no, EPIC FAIL…written all over it, but for the sake of not being the proverbial “Debbie Downer,” best of luck to Matt and Reby and hope it all works out

  • aarrrrrtruth

    the simple fact is that no matter how entertining rvd was, he now works where he can “mail it in’ in every match and still get high and keep his spot since tna could clearly care less about their talents well being or the talent they grew themselves.

    unfortunately rvd is just another cog in the machine that is destroying tna from within.

  • Shay

    Seems a little too soon to be setting a wedding date. Pressure must be getting to Matt. Good luck to him anyway!

  • mabry

    Why do TNA wrestlers keep caring about WWE….. they should just focus on the company they are actually working for… And CC, you are totally right man….

  • In Grind We Crust

    Rob you’re working with Jeff Hardy…

  • CC

    Sorry Rob, I have a lot of respect for you but you are full of shit.
    If WWE had offered you a part time contract, you never would have even bothered with TNA.
    Hell, right before you signed with TNA you was putting up comments that you wouldnt wanna demean yourself with working in TNA as WWE was the biggest name in the business, and going anywhere else would be like taking a step backwards.
    I think you have been hitting the pot too much and your memory is failing.

    Yes, the Drew Carey HOF thing is stupid, but no more stupid than having the likes of Pete Rose in there. At least its in what they call the “Celebrity wing” which isnt trying to say they are wrestlers.

    And at the end of the day, what difference does it make to any wrestler whether Carey goes in or not? Are you really trying to say that the HOF is more important than the current state of wrestling?