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Matt on the Jeff-WWE Rumor, Regal Disappointed with Bryan, More

– William Regal wrote the following on Twitter about Kane and Daniel Bryan hugging:

“What happened to my protégée @WWEDanielBryan?I wanted him to be all the things I haven’t been and now he’s giving hugs to monsters.Let down.”

– The Rock noted on Twitter that he is back in the United States so it appears Fast 6 filming is done, at least the scenes that were being shot in the UK.

– Vickie Guerrero spent some time with the WWE developmental talents in Tampa yesterday. As noted earlier, she will be appearing at tonight’s NXT tapings from Full Sail University.

– Matt Hardy was asked about the rumor of Jeff Hardy looking to return to WWE because he might want to make more money that he lost over the past few years with his legal troubles. Matt replied on Twitter:

“Jeff doesn’t need or care about money.”

  • KingAlbert

    Why does this piece of crap always end up on the WWE section, he don’t work there anymore, no one gives a care, we don’t need to know when he shits or pisses. please die.

  • d

    Jeff is a draw and could freshen up WWE if they turn orton or debate heel.
    Plus with Jeffs court fees and a child I’d say he prolly wouldn’t turn it down

  • mtlhitman

    Jeff Hardy in a wwe main event now way I.C’title maybe lol nothing more, im not a fan of Jeff Hardy in a heavyweight position he is not an heavyweight sometime i guess i must agree with K.Nash heavyweight are too small !

  • cc

    @Paul E Not-so-Dangerously … beat me to it

  • JohnCena33

    Jeff Hardy cs CM Punk for the WWE Championship at WM30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    Jeff needs more drug money…

  • JipC

    I don’t know about his financial situation but he built his dream house in 1 of the Carolinas (dirt cheap) n maybe he saved his TNA money. He could be well off

  • Ant

    Bullshit, unless you are rich as balls you ALWAYS care about money.

  • nnac

    keep jeff away…………………


    Well unless he would enjoy living in a cardboard box, underneath an Overpass, im pretty sure he NEEDS and CARES about money.