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Matt Morgan and Kevin Nash Share Interesting Conversation

The following conversation took place between Matt Morgan and Kevin Nash on Twitter.

@BPmattmorgan @MrPEC_Tacular You with the E now?

@RealKevinNash hey man, what can I say? SOMEONE in that lockeroom had to stand up to Tna front office and call them out for over-promising,
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@BPmattmorgan @MrPEC_Tacular You with the E now?

@RealKevinNash & under delivering. So when my deal was up I said ‘why not me?!’ Accountability. Who says u can’t go home again? Lol.

  • Pig

    Morgan was already in WWE..they couldnt do anything with him then..they wont do anything with him now. Besides he already broke down once….he’s one botch away from retirement.

  • stockshark28

    Matt Morgan is boring as hell who cares where he goes he will never be a main event talent in the WWE. He will be jobbing in 6months tops!

  • CC

    I’d say that the reason Nash asked the same question twice is cause Morgan didnt actually answer him. Nash asked him if he was with WWE, and Morgan just rambled about standing up to TNA, no mention of whether he was with WWE or not.

  • scooter

    Legit the more Matt talks about having signed the less I believe it. WWE don’t usually let guys talk about having signed till something like 2 weeks prior to being brought in.

  • Kingalbert

    TNA is shitty anyway.

  • Scott

    nWo.. is coming!!!!!

  • RPM

    morgan will be brought back as part of the heyman punk storyline as the beginning of a new stable for punk and allowing him to keep the belt until he wrestles the rock at rumble.

  • Swanton Bob

    Where is the interesting part??

  • adam

    i think it was asked twice because morgan retweeted it

  • Bill

    Why would Kevin Nash ask the exact same question twice? Besides, the conversation wasn’t that interesting. We know that there’s speculation that Morgan’s going to WWE. Nash doesn’t need to tell us that.