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Melina’s Booking Fee Disclosed, Released WWE Star Heading To Japan, Kevin Eck

— According to a promoter who reached out to Melina Perez to book her for an independent wrestling event, the former WWE Diva’s representative is asking for $3,000 per appearance, as well as first class travel and hotel accommodations.

— Japanese based promotion Inoki Genome Federation announced today that recently released WWE talent Harry Smith will appear on their Aug. 27 show.

— Kevin Eck, who announced last Wednesday that he was leaving his job as sports content editor and professional wrestling blogger at The Baltimore Sun to become a member of the WWE creative team, officially starts with the entertainment organization on Aug. 29.

— K-Mart is running a promotion where customers receive a free WWE Fathead with purchase of $30 or more WWE merchandise.


  • John Cheesa

    Melina isn’t even worth $30, let alone $3,000.

  • Jimbo

    @Devil Rising

    Derrrrr lets freak out over the Internet. Fuck you twat. Go play with yourself. Derpppidy derp.

  • Wateva

    damn people she can charge watever she wants stop hating., just cuz nobody would pay that much money to see u guys and shes worth it cuz shes a good wrestler!!

  • Cheerleader Melissa charges $1000 per match plus travel and hotel. She is 10 times the wrestler that Melina will ever be…

  • Jason

    I wonder if getting to sleep with her and the clinic bill is part of the 3 grand LOL

  • scooter

    obviously I’m not gonna say who but a promoter I know got a much bigger star for less

  • Devil_Rising

    @Jimbo Not a white knight, dipshit. Just pointing out the facts. She isn’t even close to being my fav. female wrestler, but the truth is the truth.

    @Venom, you may have a point, except on the mediocre at best part. Not even close. She is honestly one of the Top 5 best female wrestlers in the last decade, and arguably in the Top 10 of all time. She is hardly mediocre, she actually has exceptional mat skills and technical wrestling ability. Unlike most of the “Divas” nowadays, who are just models who learn how to do a few moves. Just saying, she was a big star for a couple years there, and she is in a position to charge what she wants.

  • Jimbo

    LOL @ Melina white knights.

  • Matt

    Like her or not, she is a good wrestler, and she can charge whatever she wants. It is up to the bookers to decide if they want to hire her, not the fat asses that write on

  • Camille

    Melina is a fantastic wrestler.

  • Logan

    @Ron lmao funniest comment I’ve read all day.

  • she must be craxy $3ooo.oo

  • CC

    Devil Rising is correct. Any ex-WWE star will command a higher price just after they leave the company as the demand for them is higher,as anyone (and that does mean anyone) who has been in the biggest company in the business is a potentially strong draw for any indy promotion.
    Lets face it, Melina still has a shit load of fans, regardless of what people on here think (ditto for any of the mocked wrestlers on here, including the likes of Matt Hardy), and if an indy promotion can get more people to come to their show due to her being booked, they will be willing to make a possible loss if some of those fans decide they like the promotion, and continue to come to their events.

    As time goes on, Melina will drop her prices, but at the moment ex-WWE = worth more.

  • Ron

    I’d give her 3 Dollars to stay at my house. Lol

  • shelton

    is melina out of her damn mind $3000.oo she has gone craxy

  • Clara007

    I agree. I can’t see Melina as a huge draw. I think that price and those conditions will put a lot of people off of booking her.

  • Stevie P

    The travel and hotel accommodations will be more than the cost for her appearing. To me, that’s a lot especially given her reputation.

  • Symbiote

    I guess TNA is out of the question for Melina.

  • venom

    @Devil Rising

    Yea, but this is Melina. She was medicore at best. I think she is asking for a lot.

  • Devil_Rising

    Why is that arrogant? That’s what a lot of people who were significantly big stars in WWE charge on the Indy market. What do you expect her to ask, $10 and a beer? Fact is, she’s probably not planning on wrestling much, so working for some smalltime Indy promotion, they’ll have to REALLY want her to bring her in, which is fine. If someone does want her, then she gets paid. When Lance Storm or RVD went over to Europe, they probably got paid more than her, and ALSO got their travel and hotels paid for. It’s not unusual at all, so chill out.

  • shawn

    oh my god, how arrogant. humility is dead.