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MGK Comments on John Cena, Hornswoggle Injured?, Austin Wraps Movie

– Rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who’s song Invincible is being used for WrestleMania 28, has an interview in the new issue of WWE Magazine. Here’s what he had to say about Cena being a perfect representative for the song:

“Like me, I consider John Cena to be an underdog; The Rock is like this flashy Hollywood guy. You can’t give him a song like “Invincible” because no one would believe it. John Cena is all about being loyal to the fans, and so am I. I just dig him as a person. I saw the video they made, and the whole thing was intense. I loved all of it.”

– WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin has wrapped filming on his new movie The Package and will begin the promotional tour for the movie Recoil today.

– Hornswoggle, who was featured in an angle at last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings, wrote the following on Twitter, indicating that he had to make a trip to the hospital:

“Hospital…ER…’nuff said”

  • Vic

    MGK is alright but Yelawolf is way better!!!

  • Jakesta58

    LACE UP is right!!

  • Ron Damon

    I thought that MGK was a chick…..Man, I need to brush up on my pop culture.

  • DREV

    MGK is wrong here.


  • Emerson

    have any of you even listened to MGK before? it’s funny that your cutting him down as a rapper yet he is performing at Wrestlemania and none of you are. point 1 for MGK.

  • b c Mitchell

    According to the article he is a rapper pka Machine Gun Kelly. His song Invincible is a theme song for Wrestlemania 28.

  • JOE

    Cena an underdog???? Are you talking about the same guy has lost like 10 matches since 2005?? Yes he’s a massive underdog, only a white boy would call himself machine gun Kelly and expect people to take em seriously as a hip hop artist.

  • stockshark28



    @kelly – machine gun kelly

  • zach

    noooo not swoggy :'(


    Who is MGK? anyone?