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Michael McGillicutty Makes Statement on Anniversary of Mr. Perfect’s Death

– WWE Superstar Michael McGillicutty wrote the following on Twitter today about his father “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig, who passed away on February 10th, 2003:

“February 10th. A day I just can’t forget… My dad, my best friend… He past away 9 years ago… I miss u dad. I miss u so much! I love you.

Dear Dad. Hey man. I’m doin the bst I can. I doin everything you told me to do. I’m not supposed to cry but I can’t help it. I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines. My name is Joe Hennig. And I’m the past, present and future.

Today, I dont give a damn what u call me. Michael McGillicutty. I am Joe Hennig and I am apart of the greatest wrestling legacy of all time. I miss u Dad. And from here on out, I’m taking over! I love u daddy. RIP Curt Hennig. Let’s get this Goin. #Hennig”

  • r truth

    curts back was fucked in 93 so he did,nt get a chnace a shame

  • rko

    That’s the spirit Joe. Acknowledging you as your dad’s son would be a great start. I really don’t know what Vince is thinking. Legend’s sons are being buried or released. Legacy or the Horsemen doesn’t have be brought back, but a similar stable consisting of dibiase, henning, (maybe steamboat jr) and Harry Smith brought back would bring some newfound interest.

  • Diesel

    I never truly understood why Curt never got a chance to run with the WWF/E title yet people like Hogan & Warrior did. Yes I’m fully aware that there are bound to be Hogan fans who read this and I mean no disrespect but I have to be 100% honest, he was average at best in the ring and he DEFINITELY was no Mr Perfect.

    Another great wrestler who died far to soon 🙁 RIP the perfect one.

  • Houndy

    Larry ‘The Axe’ Hennig put on some great matches with The Road Warriors back in the AWA days.

  • Devil_Rising

    Perhaps he should actually push to be brought back to tv AS JOE HENNIG, and actually honor his father and grandfather’s legacy in wrestling?

    Just saying.

  • Bill

    “What you see is what you get, & what you’re getting is absolutely perfect!”

  • scooter

    I feel like a douche for saying this but he isn’t exactly strong enough on the mic to cut some epic promo and become joe henning

  • venom

    I think Joe Hennig should come out and cut a promo similiar to Punk’s last year. He can say I’m tired of being called Micheal when my real name is Joe Hennig. Then he can bring up McMahon is pretty much pissing on Perfect’s grave. He can be a good heel if he does it right. I think this would be the only thing to save him from getting released over the summer.

  • Dave

    I’ve been giving some thought as to how he could be rebranded in order to get him over. And I think I may have come up with something good. But I’ll let you guys be the judges.
    Firstly. I think we are all agreed that a successful future lies ahead for Joe Hennig. But Michael McGillicutty is destined for his pink slip before too long. So I propose the debut of……

    The Perfect Son. Joe Hennig.

    Start him out as a babyface. I think that’s the only way the crowd would take it. Especially given his fathers legacy. And there is the potential for a massive opening feud. You could easily use the wrestling fathers connection to feud him with Randy Orton or Cody Rhodes. And like the Rotundos could easily be brought up to the main roster as part of this feud. Throw in some cameos from the famous fathers. And Hennig would get a massive sympathy vote on account of his father being dead. Could make for some real tear jerking promos.
    Well. That’s my idea. What can I say. It was a slow day at work. What do you guys think?

  • hitman911

    Mr.Perfect was such a great wrestler i miss him a lot !!! Joe Henning that it ! nothing more nothing less 😛

  • RAMSES 2


  • Stevie P

    He needs to go out and be Curts son, not some bland, forgettable and boring wrestler. I’m sure they’d welcome any of his input on his character.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I always thought it was retarded that they didn’t just call him Joe Hennig. On NXT, they even played it up about him being Mr. Perfect’s son, showing clips of him wrestling in FCW, doing his father’s moves alongside video of Perfect hitting his classic moves as well. And his kid, on TV, never did any of them. And he’s actually pretty good at imitating his father. Now I’m not saying he should be a clone of his dad, as there is only ONE Mr. Perfect. But he should don a singlet like his dad, and play up the fact that he’s his son and at least use the Perfect Plex. Maybe a similar sounding song, because Perfect’s theme is in my top 5 all-time favorite wrestling themes. Joe got a raw deal and I don’t get why. They let Rhodes and DiBiase use their names, and Orton. So why not Hennig? I hope he gets repackaged and they call him HENNIG, because that’s what he is. That tag team with Otunga was a joke. Give the kid a break and put him on Smackdown, where he might flourish. Looks just like his dad too. He could make the most of it if motivated.

  • PinkSinCara

    Starting this moment from now, from this moment on, this will be the moment, starting now, of the genesis of HENNING

  • JIR

    Thats one thing that really pissed me off by not letting people use their given name

  • Jon

    I do miss Mr.Perfect. It wasn’t that long since he return to the ring he passed on. He was perfect and it seem as time flys.

  • Jon

    Agree. He should be Joe Henning not Michael McMillguity but even more that upset me is that he not even getting a push, just dark matches. I would push him to be the son of Mr.Perfect.

  • bic boi

    Is this moment now ever going to happen? The genesis of McGillicutty?

  • Dave

    Then kick Michael McGillicutty into touch and be Joe Hennig. Nobody cares about Michael. We want Joe.

  • voice of reason

    sorry i made a typo i meant to say so he can make his dad proud not his dad & daughters oops my bad

  • voice of reason

    the loss of a parent is extremely hard & each & every anniversary or special occasions that comes the absence of a loved ones presence is extremely hard & it can be very painful.

    i hope joe can reach to the heights he wants so he can make his dad & daughters.

    rest in peace mr perfect you are surely missed you sir are made from a mold that can never be reproduced ever again.