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Michelle McCool Discusses What She Misses About WWE, Retirement & More

– Former WWE Diva Michelle McCool spoke with this week in a back-to-school related feature. Here are some highlights: First, how has “retirement” been, and can you tell the WWE Universe what you’ve been up to.

Retirement has been wonderful. For the past two weeks I’ve been visiting my family in Florida laying on the beach for 5 or 6 hours a day. Sounds like it’s a lot less stressful than traveling 250 days a year and taking hits inside in the WWE ring.

Yes, and I tell you, having my feet in the sand and listening to the waves break is a little less stressful than being in the ring. You know, I’d never do this to my friends, but I may have sent a few pictures out of my toes in the sand. It’s been great – I really can’t complain. Do you miss anything about being a WWE Diva?

I miss several of the Divas and Superstars, but I do keep in contact with them. I miss seeing the fans and performing in the ring, although my body is doing much better. I’ve been pretty banged up the past two years, but this has allowed me to spend time with family and dear friends that you don’t get to do when you’re on the road almost 300 days a year. I’m cherishing these moments right now.

  • venom

    Yea, I thought they were trying to start a family. I think Taker should return for a full year then retire.

  • Monte

    I wonder how long it’s gonna be before Taker/McCool start a family. That’s one of the reasons that people speculate as to why she retired. And interestingly, no mention at all of her being married to Taker.

  • Sean Mooney

    Agreed. She wasn’t bad (Mickie was very good), but McCool pushed beyond belief because of her relationship with Taker. I doubt we’ve seen the last of her though, I’d guess she’s probably going to take a 2-3 year break perhaps before a comeback. One more big run in her career and she can go down as a top 3 diva of all time (by WWE standards).

  • erik

    she never did any house shows. since getting with taker. she got all those titles because of hooking up with 1 day a year guy. she buried every diva because of her backstage stroke. mickie james piggie james storyline was bs. mickie james was million times better in ring than mctaker. wwe suppose to be big anti bullying. what a joke!

  • Sean Mooney

    How long was she not doing house shows? During all of Laycool? Before? Since she’s been with Taker? I highly doubt she’s doing 300 days a year, Layla probably was doing close to that.