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More on Michelle McCool’s Future with WWE and Her Departure

– WWE had been planning to break up Layla and Michelle McCool for months, going back to WrestleMania 27. They didn’t do the LayCool split at WrestleMania likely because they wanted to focus on the match with Snooki after she agreed to wrestle. After WrestleMania, WWE went back to the LayCool split storyline and rushed it over the past month or so.

McCool is leaving WWE on good terms and has been offered a spot on a likely second season of WWE Tough Enough as well as an office job. There’s talk that McCool and her husband, The Undertaker, are looking to settle down and start a family.


  • Monte

    I think Taker has 3 kids already. He had 1 from his 1st wife, and 2 by Sara. And Wikipedia says that McCool doesn’t have any kids.

    McCool is 31, so she definitely has a few years to have children, if that is what she & Taker want.

  • !?

    I already thought that both had children, to my knowledge didn’t Taker have 2 (with his ex wife Sara) and McCool had one? I could have sworn I read that somewhere.

  • Ant

    when McCool left at Extreme Rules my first thought was maybe wanting to starting a family

  • Sean

    Come on now guys. She was a decent to good womens wrestler. Give her a little due credit. But yeah, go have babies before its too late.

  • Bill

    @M.C. & Me, it’s true that Taker leaving will leave a huge gap for the respected veteran of the WWE, but I actually think someone on the roster could take that position in a number of years….. CM Punk. No, I’m not saying he needs a streak or coffins & smoke, but he seems like he could grow into a well-respected veteran who doesn’t need to always be in the title picture to steal the show, just like the Undertaker. He has his own fantastic set of wrestling-…. err, “global entertainment” skills that could be compared to those of the Phenom. He may be drastically different in his character, but I won’t be surprised when CM Punk is called a legendary veteran & cheered by all in the WWE someday. Future HOF’er for sure,

  • Me

    @M.C. I see what you mean. I can’t imagine it either but we gotta live with it.

  • Me

    @Jeff Miles Thank you for understanding that the Undertaker is just human.

  • M.C.

    @me, I’m just saying. It’s very difficult to see the undertaker as someone else. besides, I’m not upset that he’s starting a family. I’m just saying that he’s been in the business so long, & rarely takes breaks until recently, it would be hard to see him out of the squared circle. I certainly respect the guy, I’ve just never seen undertaker outside the ring, that’s why I think him starting a family is hard for me to see. I only imagine mccool with taker in his ring gear holding their kids….. haha, but good for him.

  • Jeff Miles

    Thanks Me. He is just a human and not the deadman. He’s Mark Calloway and if he wants little Calloway kids running around, then best wishes to him and his family…..

  • LVW

    I predicted the family part when they first started the split.

  • Me

    Undertaker is a human being you know. He’s not really the “deadman”,just a character. If he wants to start a family then good for him. He’s really injured after all these years too,if it’s time to hang up the tights soon then so be it.

  • M.C.

    Undertaker settling down and starting a family? what next, sheamus taking a hiatus to do broadway?

  • david said so

    really how about if she really likes the undertaker ever think of that people

  • lynden

    (to focus on the match with Snooki after she agreed to wrestle)

    WOW you used the W word 0_o

  • erik

    Yeah what could mccool teach anybody? what if you sleep ir have sex with right guy backstage. you can get everything handed to you?

  • Jeff

    If I was Taker I wouldn’t leave the bedroom for 5 or 6 months!

  • Rucdogg

    @JIR thats too funny.

  • JIR

    she isn’t the most attractive but if i was with i wouldn’t mind putting a baby in that oven

  • Stevie

    Seems a lil late to be doing that but to each his/her own.