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Mick Foley Writes Open Letter to WWE Urging Them To Have a “Great Show” Tonight

Mick Foley, who has been very outspoken about WWE’s creative direction in recent months, took to Facebook to write a letter to the sports-entertainment organization concerning tonight’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event:


Please, please, please, please, have a great show tonight.

As a fan of pro-wrestling – have a great show.

As a father of four who has ordered every PPV for the past year – have a great show.

As the guy whose big Christmas present to his family was a family trip to New Orleans for Wrestlemania, even though he knew he wasn’t likely to appear on the event – have a great show.

On behalf of all those other dads or moms who have done the same thing; spent considerable money on an event that thus far is not capturing our imaginations – have a great show.

As a Disney fan who wouldn’t want to arrive at the Magic Kingdom just to find out all his favorite attractions were closed – have a great show.

As someone who still remembers how it felt to be 18 years old and see Jimmy Snuka dive off the top of the cage – to see the magic pro-wrestling was capable of creating – and knows you have the ability and personnel to make people feel that same magic – have a great show .

As the estranged son who still loves his WWE family, and, no matter what, in some strange way, always will – have a great show.


Mick Foley”

  • Justin Carlson

    wwe has been dropping the ball, they think that wwe network is gonna solve their ratings and attendance issues but the only way to fix the sinking ship is put out a better product! this pg crap sucks! when are they gonna realize that kids dont have any money to spend. parents do. and if parents lose intrest the kids aren’t exposed as much and it will eventually kill the wwe. vince mcmahon cant ignore the fans much longer. instead of wrestling people calling the shots, now they have to answer to investors, who might know alot about business, but aint got a clue about the wrestling business. vince is a brilliant man, he should go back to giving the fans what they want. putting smiles on faces and having the fans go wtf over and over and being disappointed for years at a time is not best for business

  • yesmovment

    another words wwe. have daniel bryan go over.

  • d_pooch

    While I will say it is a great time to be a wrestling fan with everything going on right now, I feel the WWE needs to “go big” tonight. I agree that the buildup to this PPV (and most in recent memory) has been lackluster. WWE really seems to hold out or “save” talent when they should really go big. They like to leave fans wanting more.

    So I’m with Mick, have a great show. Don’t pass on opportunities for talent to shine, memories to be made, or to keep people talking. And don’t (purposely) let Monday’s RAW be bigger than the Elimination Chamber, because that’s just dumb.