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Mick Foley’s Reaction to the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV

– It appears as if Mick Foley’s letter urging WWE to have a great Elimination Chamber PPV fell on deaf ears given his reaction on Twitter:

He also followed up with this:

  • AmishPatel

    I do unfortunately 🙁

  • Muggles

    For a change for what might be best for business, I would like to see a “REAL” wrestling PPV. No prescript, just set the matches and let whomever is the best at that time in the ring wins. Yeah I know, it’s not real, but I bet it would get attention.

  • D2K

    *In Bugs Bunny’s* voice*

    “You don’t know him very well do you!” 🙂

  • JAckh45

    I agree, that actual match was pretty solid. Cesaro and Shemus cleaned house half the time, really good to see them along with Christian actually step up instead of the usual Cena/Orton show.
    Sure we knew who was going to win, but at least the others showed why they should be in the spotlight instead.

  • keyboardwarrior

    You are right, and you are the bigger person here. I am sorry and sorry to the W-E Community. My attempt at humor was not warranted in this instance and came off completely ignorant.

  • AmishPatel

    I know you’re playing up to your username but there was no need for that remark. I will not tolerate personal insults on this site, so I suggest you keep them out of your comments in future please.

  • Omar

    I respect your differing opinion but you bring down your argument starting with the offhanded personal remarks.

  • keyboardwarrior

    Judging by your avatar, you not only feel odd, but look odd as well. #keyboardwarrior
    By the way, Mick Foley has already admitted that the WWE has asked him to write a weekly column. However, not everything has to be a friggin work. CM Punk is taking time off and wether they make it into a storyline or not, he was pissed and did take the time off. Foley saying he is unhappy with the chamber PPV is NOT a work. The PPV outcome sucked, aside from Wyatts vs. Shield.

  • hog316

    The Chamber match was good even though we all knew who was gonna win. And Cena’s a douche. Besides that, I liked it. I think it’s time for Bootista ta hit the road. They can write that into their “best for business” nonscence.

  • Omar

    I feel odd that Foley is sending all these mark tweets. It makes me think that its a work and he is doing official publicity for wwe.

  • AmishPatel

    Spot on Rob. I am hoping they pull something out of the bag with tonight’s Raw… they can’t fail to deliver on that with all line-up….. can then?!

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    yet another PPV that was basically the “HHH show”

    The irony here is that they’re doing this “best for business” thing, and they don’t know worth a damn. Its bad enough HHH politicked his way to the top (yeah i said it), but now he’s throwing his weight around so his buddies can get the same treatment. It happened at RR, it happened last night, and now we’re going to get it at mania…… and they wonder why the fans are getting so p***ed off

    Utter garbage