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Mickie James Interview – Whether She Would Return To WWE, Knockouts Division

Mickie James spoke to Mike Buda of promoting her match on June 30 against Melina at the Coliseo Ruben Rodriguez in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. During the interview, the multi-time women’s champion commented on whether she would consider returning to WWE.

“In this business, it’s not one of those things where you can never say never. Right now, I’m having a great time at TNA and I’ve been enjoying it. I can’t say anytime soon,” she said.

James also addressed TNA Wrestling’s Knockouts division.

“We have a very strong division. The only difference is the style and the types of matches and the length of the matches that we have. It’s a rarity when a woman can main event the show and I’ve been fortunate enough to do that. I’m very blessed to be looked at as equal as someone who can hold that level at the end of the show. It’s an honor. We have Sarita, who’s very well known in Mexico and a main star in the Knockouts roster. Everybody is a little bit different,” she said.

The full interview is available here.

  • Jason

    After Aries was turned down by WWE he made it clear he would stay loyal to TNA or NJPW and never work for WWE. He called WWE a backwards ran company. His own words

    Monday night mayhem has this on record

  • Jon-Jon

    Aries got turned down to be on Tough Enough because of his size and age. I wouldn’t exactly call that him telling WWE to go “fuck themselves.” Albeit, Aries is definitely better than most of the WWE roster and every little shit that got on Tough Enough, but clearly Jason has his facts mixed up.. Again..

  • CC

    Jason, once again you are talking out of your arse.
    For starters, in this very article Mickie has said she would never count out going back, so thats one “on the record” comment that holds no water.
    Then there is Kurt Angle who changes his mind on a weekly basis. One minute he never wants to go back, the next minute he says he would consider it.
    Anderson is full of shit. This is the guy that went out of his way to suck up to WWE at every opportunity, spouting ridiculous defenses of the wellness policy and drug use. He will say whatever he thinks his current employer wants to hear.
    Tara bitched about TNA when she left them a few years ago, then went back, so her word isnt worth shit either.
    Bubba is another one I call bullshit on, and both he and Devon have said in recent years they wouldnt mind ending their careers in WWE. So once again, it depends on what mood he is in to what he says.
    And Winter, I know some of her close friends over here, and she would go back in a heartbeat if she thought she would get a decent push.

    As for the others, some I agree with (Kim) but others, we’ll wait and see. I mean, its not like Hogan and Bret Hart have done nothing but say they would never forgive Vince or go back to work for him, then sort things out and go back now is it.

    If you know anything about wrestling you will know that a wrestlers word isnt worth shit.
    Remember a guy called BG James who said he would smack HHH in the face next time he saw him, and how he hated him .. who is he working for now?

  • adam

    Also jason you gotta admit garrett should not be in a ring he has no in ring skill and no charisma. And when you have knockouts like sarita and rosita and your tag champ is a man its kind of imparesing. And as for chyna winning the IC title show me were in that titles name it says thats a mans title. Yea it was a low point in the belts history but its not like it says KNOCKOUT TAG TITLE and a man holds it.

  • adam

    I’d say the pope has a pretty good reason to go back to wwe tna doesnt use him at all.

  • Stevie P

    everything they do*

  • Stevie P

    …and they shouldn’t be on WWE’s roster either. You’re saying “Yeah we are sucky, but WWE has done it as well.” Just because I’m a fan of WWE doesn’t mean I’m a fan of everything I do. I don’t agree with guys like Khali in the WWE, he shouldn’t be in the ring at all. No I don’t agree with Chyna or Santino winning. And no, I don’t agree with Eric Young winning the belt either.

  • Jason

    So in a nut shell the only thing wrong with TNA Impact is Garett Bischoff. I sure am glad WWE has about 10 of those on there roster.

    PS: You missed the entire point of Eric Young winning that gold belt.

    I guess it was okay for Chyna to win a man’s title or for a man to win at one time the WWE singles women’s title via Santino. At least with Young there is a point.

  • Stevie P

    I watched it. Mostly, it’s a couple things.

    One, a lot of the time, the promos are WAY too long. I know, WWE does it too but sometimes it’s just over the top.

    Two, the live crowd doesn’t help your product at all. It’s dead every time I watch the show. Even for the top stars it’s just not there.

    Three, pushing guys like Garret Bischoff. It has nothing to do with his “talent” and everything to do with who his daddy is. It’s obvious with anyone with half a brain that he shouldn’t be in the ring and getting a push right now. It’s a spit in the face to guys who have worked hard to get to where they are only to have someone else come in to the spotlight who has zero training and is only there because of his last name. Plus guys like Hogan and Flair still can’t over the fact that it’s not 1993 anymore.

    Four, you got some terrible writing sometimes. I mean, really, how can a guy hold the WOMEN’S tag team belts? I don’t care how you explain it, he shouldn’t have the belt.

    I enjoy a lot of the guys there especially guys like Christopher Daniels, Austin Aries, AJ Styles and Bobby Roode, but I think the top things overshadow them.

  • Jason

    Shimmer is great, Jessica James and Athena are two of my dearest friends.

    But I must ask why is TNA bad? Everytime I ask any of you TNA haters this question you cite something about what TNA did two or more years ago. How does what TNA did in the past via bad booking have to do with today? I dare you guys to watch TNA with an open mind and you will see it is miles better than Raw or Smackdown.

    It’s like most of you just read what is posted on the net and judge TNA from there. It makes no sense

  • dlb

    The knockouts division is better than the divas division hands down in terms of in ring performance and time allowed to wrestle. Still it suffers from the idiocy of tna’s booking and creative department. When it comes to women’s wrestling SHIMMER for the win.

  • Jason

    Mickie James, Winter, Morgan and The Dudleys left WWE on there own. I have already proved that I work for TNA. My business e-mail address owns what you think bucko.

    BTW there are 51 wrestlers on the TNA roster and there are only 16 that worked for the WWE on the current roster.

    BTW I would love to know why you think TNA is a shit company but that WWE that has farting diva’s and storylines that appear to be written by ten years old a good TV program?

    Talent that has gone on record to saying they will never go back to WWE or have no reason to go back to the WWE atm are as followed.

    Mickie James
    Gail Kim
    Kurt Angle
    Christy Hemme
    Bubba Ray
    The Pope
    Austin Aries
    Bobby Roode
    James Storm

    And those are just the ones off the top of my head that have gone on record saying that

  • Steve

    Saying that most of the roster has turned down WWE is ridiculous when a large part of the roster has been released by WWE. Then again, pretending you work for a wrestling company, a shit one at that, is also pretty ridiculous.

    Brooke Tessmacher
    The Dudleys
    Elijah Burke
    Christy Hemme
    Matt Morgan
    Kid Kash
    Mickie James
    Mr Kennedy
    Shannon Moore

    And we all know Hogan, Flair, and RVD would go back in a second if WWE wanted them back. Kurt Angle wouldn’t go because he loves his pills too much.

  • Stevie P

    @Jason, yes I’m sure that’s true. /sarcasm

    If you look at her words she said she’d never rule it out. TBH, I’m not taking your word on anyone you say “turning down” the WWE. I want to see them flat out say it.

  • Jason

    Mickie James likes working for TNA more than WWE but then again most of the roster turned down the WWE to stay with TNA. Roode told Johnny Ace to go fuck himself when he tried to get him to jump shit. Same thing with Aries.

  • nick

    Push Tyson Kidd #GetHIMonRAW

  • Reverse prince albert

    What has TNA even won?… #worstpostoftheyear

  • ant

    narf u suck ass too u both are trolls so get the fuck out of here

  • Mongo

    TNA for the fail.

  • Jason L

    Wow I actually agree with Narf

  • Jason L

    Jason is on a “(insert something here) for the win” kick now. Just great .. wait no typos in this post or his Milena post.

    He’s moving on up. But it doesn’t matter as TNA won’t win for awhile if at all due to leadership etc.

    Now just go away you fake “TNA Employee”.

    You’re just a huge TNA Mark and it shows which is fine. But in actuality you’re probably nothing more than a huge WWE Mark but WWE wouldn’t hire you and since WCW is gone you have no shot in wrestling.

    Crap I went on a “Jason” rant lol. Kinda makes me ashamed my name is Jason also.

  • Jason

    TNA for the win