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Mistico-WWE Update, Another Clue on 2-21-11, WrestleMania 28, More

– Former WWE star MVP will be working with New Japan Pro Wrestling on their shows with Jersey All Pro Wrestling this May in Philadelphia, New York City and Rahway, New Jersey.

– The EMLL promotion in Mexico will be having a press conference today to discuss the situation with Mistico leaving and signing with WWE. Reports are that Mistico will be participating in an EMLL farewell tour in late February which means he could be headed to WWE developmental before WrestleMania.

– As noted before, Miami beat out cities like Indianapolis, Toronto and New York for the right to host WrestleMania 28 in 2012. A total of 14 cities applied back in 2009 with WWE to begin the bidding process.

– Roger sent word that another clue that WWE’s 2-21-11 videos are for The Undertaker is that the video on WWE’s Hulu page is titled “He’s Coming Back.”

  • Cydogg

    People, people, people. It is in fact the Undertaker. However as the lights come on with him standing mid ring, they go back out. When they come on, Sting is standing face to face with the Deadman. I see it playing out not as a match between the 2 legends and Icons of the sport. One thing is, the Nexus angle and how Punk is trying to actually injure the Chamber participants. He says don’t go to far they will just replace them. Well, I think someone gets pulled, probably R-Truth, leaving a spot for the newest RAW addition, STING!! This would still allow for the Taker Barrett match at ‘Mania. And, after Sting wins the Chamber match, he headlines Mania in Atlanta, his old stomping grounds. I also think it would be cool if the host turned out to be Ted “The Tooth” Turner. Would be like a final nail in the coffin of WCW to have their biggest star and their former owner, both involved in Mania.

  • Tyler

    you guys are all wrong its going to be Undertaker vs Triple H with HBK as ref, and maybe Nash as special ring enforcer

  • Ryan

    Ok,Taker Last Match Was The Buried Alive Match Vs Kane.Nexus Interferred,Taker Gets Revenge On The “New Nexus” Monday ,Then Gets Revenge On Barret On SmackDown Thus Leading 2 A Corre/Wade Barret Vs Undertaker Feud.Just MY Opinion..And Yes I Kno I Spelled Interferred Wrong

  • Vinny

    @tim, then let them get rid of night of champions. Too many PPV’s anyway

  • Tim

    Interesting sidenote, if they unified the world titles, they could trash the night of champions ppv. It made sense when there were eight titles, but with only 5 titles (if they unified), it would just be pointless to have night of champions. After all, didn’t most people complain this year when punk/big show was added to night of champions?


    bring back the cruiserweight title aswell

    because if you unify the world and wwe titles, then you are shortening the list of wrestlers that can vie for the unified belt.

    so you will need the extra title for the smaller guys to pacify them.

  • dk

    I like the brand-split but there should only be ONE World Champion and let him be on both shows.

    Put the US & IC belts as the top title on the individual shows and let the Ortons, Cena’s, Edge, Del RIo’s battle over them to be “the man” on their show and a shot at the World Champion.

  • TomC

    The “brand split” and the two different championships was ridiculous from the start. Unifying the tag-team championships was a small step in the right direction – though WWE’s non-existent “tag team devision” is still in desperate need of a major overhall.

    There needs to be ONE overall roster that can go between either show . . . thus allowing for increased conflicts between wrestlers.

    There needs to be ONE COVETED WWE CHAMPIONSHIP that everyone wants … having two “spreads the wealth” far too much and makes BOTH of the “championships” rather insignificant. WWE was much more exciting to watch and follwo when there was ONE Grand Champion … when the IC Title actually had some significance … when there were actual Tag Teams vying for the Tag Team titles … and when grudge scenarios were more active and involved.

  • David

    That “he’s coming back” might mean it’s not Sting, but it doesn’t automatically make it The Undertaker. And plus on Monday’s Raw they showed 2 different promo’s! Didn’t anyone else notice that!

  • kannon

    Why Raw? Well Del Rio, Vickie, Dolph, and Edge have all been on Raw the past 3 weeks. They are from smack down right?

  • kello s

    the song in the video lets you know that its the undertaker.. aint no grave gonna hold me down.. or something like that..

  • Vinny

    plus people need to remember the USA network wanted lots of surprises and high ratings for RAW in the upcoming weeks, for sweeps month, so having Undertaker appear on RAW to boost ratings makes alot of sense.

    fact is, we will all find out in about a week or two what this is all about. I will say WWE has done a great job at the speculation aspect of this “2-21-11” video. Its created more hype than TNA has done for their entire roster all year.

  • kamoteng kahoy

    Again its CMLL not EMLL unless I’m mistaken

  • I wish people would stop with the ‘oh but it’s gonna be on Raw, so it can’t be Taker’.

    How many more fricking obvious clues do you want?! Seriously, it’s the Undertaker, if it isn’t I’ll eat my own foot.

    And it is the ROTW, the time where you see a bunch of superstars from Raw on Smackdown, and vise versa, so it’s not a big deal that he’s coming back on Raw, isn’t Raw more popular? So it kinda makes sense to bring him back on their prime show, even if he is a Smackdown superstar.

  • 808notsogreat

    why the youngins keep asking why UT would appear on RAW when he’s an SD player is getting tired and redundant. Raw is the flagship show, why would they bring back one of the pillars of the WWE Universe on the taped/B-show? Not to mention that while some stars are linked with the show they’re normally on, what’s stopping them from being on both shows? Obviously Undertaker is bigger than just one show.

  • Jaime5150

    Undertaker is returning on Raw because it’s live and anything can happen and it’s a better atmosphere when live but if he returned on smackdown which is taped, it makes the return less hyped and spoiled for everybody

  • Ronald

    It’s Undertaker. Negotiations with Sting have fallen through and, unless a miracle happens between now and the 21st, they’ll go with plan B. Actually, in a sense, you could say it’s plan A, but it all depends on how you look at it. The videos where shot in a style that was Sting-esque, but had enough elements to also be attributed to Undertaker. When the Sting negotiations began to fall through, Vince told them to add the Johnny Cash song in at the end. They can always go back and change it, because frankly, WWE doesn’t need excuses on why things don’t make sense. The “Universe” will just accept it, move on and then forget…. right? Anyway, WWE wants to have Undertaker vs Cena at ‘Mania, thus him showing up on Raw. The pieces are all there, but it’s not as clear right now to casual fans. It’ll all make sense after the 21st, though.

  • JAck45

    But that is due to HBK being on RAW and Taker being on SD.
    There is no-one on RAW that I can see Taker facing for WM.
    Sure it could be Punk, but I’m pretty sure it will be Orton v Punk @ WM
    At the moment Wade Barrett seems most likely the candidate for Taker (unless Sting comes thru), we all know Barrett is on SD
    So for taker to make his return on RAW is stupid.
    Also SD needs the ratings, so putting such a big attraction on the prime show seems useless from a marketing perspective as well.

    I believe its one of the following people
    Sting, Lesnar, Y2J, HHH or Diesel.
    But for anyone of these people to be released before Elimination Chamber is stupid again, as there will be a rushed match for them or none at all.
    Saving it to the actual EC night or even the RAW after would be more shocking/entertaining from a crows perspective.
    But as we all know as well, WWE have never been good on shocking debuts/returns for Wrestlers (example: Announcing Goldberg will appear at Backlash before hes even been seen)

    Sting because of the HOF
    Lesnar because of the taker feud at UFC
    Y2J because hes finished his Fozzy tours
    HHH because hes due to return any week now
    Diesel because of the hype he got at RR
    There could be others, and i hope it is, would be a real shock to me if it wasnt any of thous stated.

    Also, do we know if the WM host is the same person in these vids?
    Or are they bringing back/introducing 2 new people?
    Would be good to see either way. The ratings will be epic

  • CiB

    @ speed_demon it’s the road to wrestlemania! There is no brand split here. It’s why Alberto Del Rio has been on every raw for the last few weeks. Obviously, the Undertaker feud leading into WM will be on both shows, like it was last year and the year before that.

  • Jon-Jon

    I’m thinking it’s decided that Kane won that feud.

  • speed_demon

    Still doesn’t make sense why he would appear on Raw, when he is a SmackDown superstar, and would surely confront Kane, who is on the blue brand and not the red?