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The Miz Gets Jumped After Raw Goes Off The Air

After tonight’s episode of Raw went off the air, Punk came out to the ring and feigned rapping. Punk spoke about how he was supposed to face John Cena, but Cena was in no condition to wrestle. Cena came out and attacked Punk. Alberto Del Rio came out to make the save, however Sheamus then ran out, followed by Dolph Ziggler and Antonio Cesaro.

CM Punk was running to the back as Randy Orton came out to help Sheamus and Cena beat up the heels. The heels saw The Miz, grabbed him, and threw him inside the ring. Cena, Shamus and Orton surrounded him. All of the babyfaces hit their finishers on Miz to close the show.

  • Ameliaaaa

    Its a show, folks. They’re paid to be “mean” and “bully”….doesn’t mean they don’t support the anti-bullying cause! Its all entertainment. And with the reputation of the city of Chicago, I’m sure they enjoyed every minute of Miz’s beat down.

    Remember….it’s just a show….

  • opinions

    I actually like Miz. True he still needs a little work but he isnt awful. He has good mic skills and is a good heel. His in ring performances are ok too. But hey, thats just my opinion. Id like to see who agrees

  • Yal niggas need to shut up i bet the fans enjoyed it so quit cryin. And yes miz deserves a face turn.

  • Philzibit

    So…Be a star kids?

  • Buttercastle

    I’m not the biggest Miz fan but what did he do to deserve that? I actually enjoyed him on commentary. He gets thrown into the ring by heels and the faces attack him? What’s up with that?!

  • Bill

    Why do they have to do that to end every show? The Chicago crowd probably booed the faces anyways.

  • Y can’t miz just turn face I think he will do good and really get over more with the fans.