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The Miz Recalls Humiliating Experience, Paul Bearer Working With WWE, More

Adelaide Now has an article on The Miz, who recalls a humiliating experience that took place during his early days in WWE.

“Nobody liked me, everyone wanted me fired and was trying to get me fired. I’m in the WWE, and everyone there and the WWE Universe hates me. It made me feel like I was walking on egg shells,” The Miz said of his colleagues.

“I got kicked out of the locker rooms, so I couldn’t find a place to change or shower. I remember one time going down the corridor to go to the (stadium’s public) bathroom and fans going `Oh my god, that’s The Miz’ – thanks, I’m going to the bathroom next to a kid that has my shirt on. It’s kind of belittling and humiliating. But it’s one of those things that made me stronger and made me realise I could take everything that anyone dishes.”

— Paul Bearer stated on his Facebook page that he is heading to WWE’s television studios in Stamford, Connecticut today to work on a ‘special project’.

— Steve Austin’s latest direct-to-video film, Tactical Force, will be released on Blu-ray on Tuesday, August 9.

  • Matt

    lol, on the other hand it was prolly a great day for the kid “I had my miz shirt on and he actually came and took a piss next to me!” 😀 😀

  • scooter

    @John If you can’t take one of your friends joking around with you how are you going to react when some asshole like JBL decides your his bitch? It’s the same with getting stiffed if you can’t get take a little pain from someone you know and are fammiliar with what if some asshole (again JBL) takes a dislike to you and wants to fuck up and you don’t know how to look after yourself?

  • erik

    do you guys think mickie james ever haze any divas?

  • John

    Hazing is necesary in wrestling? What does becoming a better performer have to do with people putting s**t in your bag and thinking of all sorts of ways to demean and humilate you? The real truth is the WWE locker room is full of men in their 20s and 30s going on 15 or 16. They should pay more attention on giving good matches to compensate for this God awful product they’re putting out. I really wish CM Punk got to finish his anti-bully campaign story. It’s the biggest load of bs that WWE says they’re against bullying but they’ve got some of the biggest a**holes in the world in their very lockerroom.

  • JIR

    Hazing and Initiating people is fine as long as you know the line that can’t be crossed at my work we hazed the new guys for about a week but never to point of true disrespect

  • Jesse

    i assume the paul bearer project is a kane vs undertaker feud dvd

  • SusyRko

    I dreamed today with Ricardo Rodríguez, where is he?

  • Matt

    if I was the miz I would have punched whoever tried to kick me out of the locker room. The locker room is for all the wrestlers.

  • shawn

    @CC would you elaborate about the “im not american” comment? americans invented hazing? im sure it was an issue since there is freedom of press.

  • venom


    The Miz is explaining his experience. That doesn’t mean he is doing it to somebody else. The Miz definately paid his dues.

  • CC

    Actually Chuva, its about making people stronger.
    Handling people in this business with kid gloves helps nobody.
    Miz was obviously helped by people as well, and this is just one side of it that he is talking about.
    The simple fact is, if you cant take a bit of hazing early on, then you will not survive in the wrestling business, and especially WWE.
    We have already seen that some guys like Brock Lesnar, as tough as he is, just could not hack the WWE lifestyle and schedule. By getting through the hazing process and earning his stripes, The Miz became a better man for it.

    Also, I’m not an American, but even I know the hazing has nothing to do with pushing people down or people doing it because someone else did it, its a tradition that dates back to the fraternity hazing in college. Its something people expect, and for many its something they actually want to go through as it means they feel they are not accepted unless they do it.

  • Chuva

    Hazing, breaking in, “earning your stripes”… whatever you call it, it’s bullshit. It will never stop until the, “well, they did it to me, so I’m doing it to you” attitude stops. People need to grow up and help people, instead of trying to push them down. If your dad beats you, will you beat your kid cause “my daddy did it to me” as a legitimate reason?

  • Bill

    Miz earned his stripes, & just like the Rock, he’ll get over & go from a hated heel to one of the most charasmatic faces in the business….

  • Stashathan

    If i was a rookie and that happened to me i would only become that much more popular i would mingle with the fans and even give autographs and what not and then laugh in all of the veterans faces and say that is why all of the fans like me better than you keep laughing and then say AAAAAAAWWWWWEEESOOOOOME