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Monday’s Raw Draws Worst Rating In 15 Years, Sami Callihan Competes In Dark Match

– Monday’s Raw broadcast drew a 2.48 cable rating, the program’s worst rating for a non-holiday episode since October 27, 1997 (which drew a 2.3). This is below the rating for the Oct. 1, 2012 show, which garnered a 2.54 in comparison.

The three-hour program averaged 3.55 million viewers, beating a year-low of 3.50 million viewers on Oct. 1. Raw drew 3.58 million viewers in the first hour, 3.65 million in the second hour, and 3.43 million in third and final hour.

Viewership for the third hour was a year-low, below 3.47 million viewers on Oct. 1. It was the tenth consecutive week where third hour viewership was below viewership in the second hour.

– Independent wrestling standout Sami Callihan competed in a dark match tonight prior to WWE’s slate of television tapings in Providence, Rhode Island. He was squashed by Johnny Curtis, with his offense being limited to two kicks. Curtis was billed as “Simply” Johnny Curtis, came out to tango entrance music and donned shiny pants. Following his victory, Curtis placed a rose on Callihan’s chest.

The match is Callihan’s first before a WWE audience. He participated in private tryouts before WWE officials prior to television tapings in March.


  • Rocky sucks

    Ok open your eyes dumbasses it’s because it needs to be pg-14 and its because no one want la to watch cm punk babble about being the best because we all no he’s highly far from being the best he needs to lose his belt and the wwe needs to find more entertaining story lines and I bet if ryback gets title then the rating will rise watch and see

  • Mickey Ray Sinatra MoThugs

    Jon, i know you want to believe that wrestling is more important than who is running our nation. However, kinda hard to say no one cares about those two when 59.2 Million people watched it.

  • john

    well RAW was just awful! and only getting worse, time for change vince.

  • Moseley

    Yeah, again I wouldn’t worry, it was up against the presidential debate. I hope WWE don’t make a knee jerk decision based on this….actually I do. Now I think about it, Monday’s writing was fucking terrible, the worst in a long time. The matches were fantastic, especially Bryan vs Ziggler, that is a future main event feud.

    But the AJ segment, the Vickie stuff, Cena and AJ backstage, and just in general boring promos going on for longer than they need to. It’s a damn shame too because I’ve been enjoying RAW solidly for the past month or so, with little criticism.

  • sam

    yes storylines play a huge part, but the three hours is killing the audience. it needs to go back to two hours and quick. they should of only kept three hours for special episodes. once it goes back to two hours the rating will go up

  • CM Mark

    The day Orton has a better “wrestling” match than Punk vs Y2J, Bryan, or even Cena, is the day I’ll stop watching forever. If you don’t remember MITB 11 Punk vs Cena than you missed the best wrestling match of the past several years.

  • Ricardo

    It’s amazing how people can come out here and still defend Punk. It wasn’t Sheamus in the main event, because this is a continued trend; it wasn’t the debate or anything else like that – they’re different demographics.

    Punk is boring to anyone outside the IWC regulars. He promised to bring “change”. Please. The only change has been for the worst. You all complain about Cena, but against the right opponent he had classic matches and feuds: Edge, Orton, etc. They were engaging. Punk had medium-level snoozefests against Bryan and Jericho, and nobody remembers anything else. Face it, Punk is as fun in the ring as someone with his ideology is in their personal lives.

    Ryback is terrible in the ring. And yet he’s connecting with the audience (the real audience, not internet geeks) more than Punk ever did. Everyone is chanting “feed me more” throughout the arenas. I hope he takes the belt, next week’s rating improves, and then I want to see what’s your excuse for Mister-I-don’t-drink-or-smoke.

  • eric

    I think it is time that wwe puts some attitude back in there tv. end this crappy pg kiddie era. give cena heel turn. i could careless if cena was biker who rode ring bike. rapper gimmick. or had same heel gimmick of hogan had in 1996 wcw. wwe needs drop pg shit. also i called it week ago. rhodes and sandow are going all way. they will be new tag team champions. u guys got to admit. sandow and rhodes work alot better as tag team. there chemistry teamwork. having eachtoher back. there modern day money inc. both smart, good talkers like irs million dollar man were in 90’s great in ring. sandow rhodes look like team. kane and bryan good single guys. they are bad team. kane bigshow were better team in 2006. sandow and rhodes will be tag team champs this sunday!


    Wrestling is dying

  • steven

    In the wise words of Stone Cold Steve Austin, If you think Vince should take it back to TV-14 Give me a Hell Yeah!

  • Jon

    The debate anybody could care less about those two and MNF had a good game last night. But Raw has been having poor ratings for weeks no years. I hope after the election things will changes but with the news of “Honey Boo Boo” coming to WM I don’t think PG era isn’t going away. I don’t care what era it is it time to get outta PG

  • evetorres_chin

    the debate, mlb playoffs, Monday Night Football and plus Sheamus in the main event. I am surprised it wasnt in the 1.0 area

  • Razo Power

    They have had some very good matches for the past few RAWs, and less talking so its funny its all funny!! Stuff like this “f*ukc u as$h@le” always brings Ratings… Sick world but bring it on Mondays need to be RAW agian .

  • Stevo

    sami calihan deserves better than to job to johnny curtis like that

  • Bill

    Think of it this way. After being stale & childish with horrible ratings & huge losses in the mid 90s, WWE shot up into the Attitude Era with the best wrestling TV in history. WWE’s been boring & doing pretty poorly for several years now. I say that WWE will truly change for the better very soon. In 1997, Stone Cold was a new face who shot up to be a star. There are a lot of newer guys on the roster, like Ryback & Dolph Ziggler. We may get that new face sooner than we think.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    ryback will win the title….i can see that happening!!! He will then turn on cena after cena takes some credit for putting him in the match.

  • Nick

    Make Ryback the Champion

  • D2K

    @Nick: yeah. It’s time to change, ‘Vince.’

  • adam

    Its not punks fault its the fact that they have a 3 hour raw and thats alot to watch for wrestling. Also the let down of making aj quit and giving vickie the job. Say what you will but Aj was a entertaning gm. Also i hope they find something for johnny curtis he is a good wrestler and if given a good charcter he could be a star i liked his creepy gimmik but they never did anything with it.

  • Nick

    Time for a change Vince.

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    @Dee1andonly your right it is about the story lines, but its also about the wrestler. A matter of fact its more about the wrestler then the story lines. Cuz this is how I see it: with an awesome, incredably talented wrestler comes good and interesting story lines. This explains cena, when u got a piece of crap wrestler like him, fake I may add, you get the 2008-2011 wrestling era, where its all boring and lame like the story lines are today. Until some body in WWE grows a set and decides to be real with the fans n more importantly themselfs, that’s when u gonna see good t.v from the WWE, until then watch TNA, I know I will.

  • The Dude

    It is not Punk’s fault that the rateings are bad. It is not his fault that he is ne of the only good things about WWE and that the writeing sucks. Who wants to watch RAW when all they show is replays every 5 mintes?


    well it WAS up against the final debate MNF hell even 90210 n bbw family hustle etc it aint on punk hell cena could had been champion n the ratings most likely wood had been the same it aint about whose champion its about whats on tv n wats storylines the wwe is doin

  • shenbong

    not long now till wwe’s out of business, maybe dixie and panda energy will buy em out

  • CM Mark

    I’ll be suprised if Punk get to day 344 now.