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How Much Money Is Randy Orton’s Suspension Costing Him?, More on Recent Orton Reports

– People in WWE are being tight-lipped about the Randy Orton suspension. One source who did comment believes that Orton tested positive due to a tainted supplement. As noted before, the SuperLucha reports that Orton tested positive for Dianabol are not confirmed.

SuperLuchas and PWInsider also reported a meeting between Orton and WWE officials to discuss his future last weekend. SuperLuchas named Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn and Triple H as the officials who met with Orton. One source says that Dunn would not have been part of the meeting as it’s not his department.

Vince McMahon is said to be going back and forth on Orton’s future but the feeling is that in the end, they can’t and won’t get rid of Orton due mainly to depth issues. There is said to be a small, vocal pocket of people that is growing more outspoken about cutting Orton.

Orton’s 60 day suspension will reportedly end July 29th, meaning he will miss the 1000th RAW in his hometown of St. Louis on July 23rd but would be eligible to return on the July 30th RAW, in time for the SummerSlam pay-per-view. The talk is that WWE may keep Orton out after his suspension is over, to teach him a lesson and have him miss the annual SummerSlam payday. Orton being gone for 60 days will cost him around $200,000. If he’s not booked for SummerSlam and kept off TV for a few weeks longer after the suspension, then he will lose somewhere around $275,000.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • My Morning Jacket

    Damn $275,000 lost over a couple of months….wtf does he make in a year!? Anyone want to rob a bank?

  • KC

    Bring back the Miz cause he is AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESOMEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! LOL

  • MrDr3w

    Orton’s a jerk, he’s mediocre at best in the ring, he sucks on the mic, and he’s boring and one-dimensional. Vince NEEDS to cut him to make room for the up-and-comers who actually have talent, good attitudes, and lpotential.

    One thing’s for sure though; the SECOND Orton is let go, TNA will shell out every penny in their bank account to pick him up.

  • chronoxiong

    To think that the WWE had originally wanted him as the star of their epic trilogy “The Marine 3”. Lol..

  • T-Will

    thought at first he was suspended for weed somebody please help me out

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Randy is a accomplished star and why would they want to get rid of him? People talk about Cena needing to turn heel, Orton needs to badly because he had been floating around in obscurity for around a year and a half. On the other hand ofcourse they need to push new talent, There is some amazing talent in the WWE atm. Its just getting the mixture right which wwe have always done a lousy job of.

  • Jimbo

    They wouldn’t have depth issues if they didn’t bitch out guys like Ziggler and Rhodes.

  • Pyro

    “Vince McMahon is said to be going back and forth on Orton’s future but the feeling is that in the end, they can’t and won’t get rid of Orton due mainly to depth issues.”


    Damn fools…

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I wonder if he’s going to look a lot smaller when he gets back or he’ll be using new supplements?

  • SYM

    @Devil_Rising u are Correct and whoever dislikes ur comment has some serious issues. Well said.

  • Devil_Rising

    What do you mean they “can’t and won’t drop Orton because of Depth issues”. They have PLENTY of young wrestlers, and even more like Richie Steamboat that can/will debut. Maybe if they focused more on good wrestlers instead of crap like Brodus Clay, they’d have more “new stars”. Apparently they’re saying they don’t believe in CM Punk, or Bryan Danielson, or Sheamus, or Miz, or Dolph Ziggler, etc.

    Perhaps if they had focused on building more people up, instead of constantly having it be the Cena and Orton show for the last, what, five years? Then maybe they’d have “greater depth on the roster”.

    For them to say they don’t have the depth, is insulting to every other wrestler not named Cena who works for the company.

  • SYM

    Do you honestly trust SuperLuchas? Didn’t they say Jeff Hardy was the man behind the “It Begins” Promos

  • poko

    Wow, a lot of “tainted supplements” in the sports world, huh? I have a LOT more respect for guys who come out and admit to cheating, rather than those who try to tell us that it was someone else’s fault they put a banned substance into their body.

    Orton might be on a short leash, but I would be completely shocked if they were to let him go at this point. Another violation, sure, but right now he is possibly the most popular guy in the WWE. McMahon might be saying that he wants to fire Orton, but that’s not the same thing as saying he will fire Orton.

  • arrrrr truth

    he’ll go to the papers if he has to…

  • Maxwell

    Did he just get RKO’D?

    -RKO’D= Randy Keith on Drugs.