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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Timing issues also played a factor in “little people’s court” with DX and Hornswoggle not airing on RAW this past week. WWE’s talent relations that were to book the little people weren’t getting answers back from creative as to how many they needed, who would get what roles or a male/female breakdown.

The original idea for the segment came from Vince McMahon and nobody wanted to commit to doing anything about the angle until it came from Vince first and since Vince didn’t get around to it until the weekend, it was too late to throw everything together for Monday. Word is that those in creative weren’t really crazy about the idea to begin with.

For what it’s worth, there is consideration of Hornswoggle doing a run-in near the finish for the DX vs. Chris Jericho & Big Show match at the TLC pay-per-view.

  • Pope George Ringo

    DX won’t win because of Shawn’s limited schedule, he only wrestles on tv, and won’t be doing it twice a week. Anyway the idea of Big Show choke slamming that little runt off the top of a 20ft ladder sounds kind of appealing to me. Look for me and my son, the only 9 year old who hates John Cena, booing Cena like it was 2006.
    Was Christian and Benjamin stealing the show.

  • Bones

    If dx wins, i refuse to watch raw, not gonna sit there and look at abunch of showboat fags. Course i like shawn michaels, but only as a single’s competitor. Triple H just plain ass sucks in my opinion. If they won, course we’d have to see them on smackdown probably too..and then there goes smackdown down to hell. Fuuckk em up horn swoggleee.


    I will take Batista to hell and keep his soul and I will return the champion and battle with Kane!

  • ryan

    man that would suck i’m actually going to that ppv in san antonio and wanna see DX win the tag titles for the first time and if that little shit runs in he’s gonna mess it all up

  • jim

    FIRE HORNSWAGGLE NOW…all he does is run in and cost people matches.he also makes the people he helps look weak.its like you cant win without a freaking midgets help.

  • Finlay

    No that guy just crazy

  • Mannul

    “so finlay could interfere in finlay’s matches”?


  • Luis Rosado

    They Can’t Do That For Many Reasons. DX Have Been 2gether For A Little Ova 12 Years and They Need To Hold Tag Team Gold. Also, Hornswoggle Said That They Will Be Sued More or Something Like That On Raw So Do The “Little People’s Court” Thing Anotha Day. Lastly, Finlay Is Being Treated Shitty On SmackDown On Some Real and They Need Hornswoggler & Finlay Back 2gether So Finlay Could Interfere In Finlay’s Matches

    *The WWE Might Have Hornswoggle Run In, Do The DX Chop, Run Out and DX Gets Distracted and When They Turn Around, They Lose By Either Getting Choked Slammed, KO or Code Breaker (Or Through A Table, Chair or Ladder)*

  • Mannul

    It looks like I won’t be wasting almost $50 on that ppv then if they’re going to do that. TLC might as well stand for ThatLittleCrap….ruining everything.

  • edgehead25

    Haven’t you people realise Vince is going senile.

    NO but seriosuly, we have to remember wrestling is a business. And for a business to succeed it needs to have customers and it’s so sad that the customers these days are 5 year olds.

    A great match like DX vs Jerishow. NO really why does HOrnswoggle have to ruin it.

    People just convert to Smackdown or TNA if you wanna see “wrestling”

    WWe needs a new logo

    World “Wrestling” ENTERTAINMENT

  • Joe W

    I have to say I have laughed a few times also. I’m 25 and honestly they are trying to keep the kids interested so why not try and bring in the younger crowd. Adults may not like it but why not give the kids something to enjoy.

  • Rae

    some of us are enjoying it very much, and I’m 27 not a little kid.

  • Leizar

    Damnit, just move Hornswoggle back to Smackdown to rejoin Finlay. He was a much better character when he interferred in Finlay’s matches and helped him win. The whole bastard son angle, Chavo thing and now DX is just pointless and honestly, not very entertaining at all. I doubt even the little kids WWE is pandering to are still enjoying this crap.

  • Sam Peters

    NO! dont they dare ruin the TLC match having hornswoggle run in…only the little kids will like it…it will ruin the match
    if the WWE cared about there matches they would not do this

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