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More on Booker T’s Talks with WWE and the Future (Minor Spoiler)

– Booker T’s talks with WWE about a return go back to the Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view in Houston, Texas in December. Booker was backstage visiting and expressed interest in returning. No contract was signed then and while he kept talking with TNA, a deal was in place with WWE for him to be a Royal Rumble surprise.

As noted last night, Booker T will now be an announcer on Friday Night SmackDown. Booker is expected to do the occasional storyline and match, similar to Jerry Lawler.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • wooo

    im watching smackdown now im live in australia and we get smackdown at 3:30 pm on friday and booker t is doing really well

  • mark

    I think Booker T will make a good announcer, for one hes actually wrestled !!

  • Gobbledygooker

    I think Lawler is just filling in the 3 month void with a feel-good storyline until Mania since Miz will likely lose the title at WM. I can see an interference at Elimination Chamber PPV leading to another Lawler feud so Lawler can have his Mania match.

  • Valo487

    The difference is, Booker T makes sense to still get in the ring once in a while. There is no good reason why 60 year old Jerry Lawler is challenging for the WWE title at Elimination Chamber. He’s a legend, he’s deserving of infinite respect, but this is ridiculous. Only in wrestling are we asked to believe that somehow athletes get better with age, as opposed to UFC where the biggest names of years ago get knocked out constantly by younger guys.