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More on CM Punk’s Fan Incident from Last Night

– It was reported here that CM Punk got into an altercation with a fan at Sunday’s WWE super show event from Shreveport, Louisiana. A few fans who were at the show have sent in recaps of what went down and there are new details to report. Following his match, CM Punk got in the faces of several fans at ringside, including a few young children.

Punk told one of the kids, said to be around 10 years old, to slap him. The fan slapped Punk, who told the fan to slap him again. The fan complied, when Punk allegedly grabbed the child by the shirt and told him to do it again. The child began to cry and his parents began yelling at CM Punk. Punk was heard yelling that the child scratched his eye during the provoked attack.

  • D-Real-Man

    If it was a bit thats fine. Yelling that the kid scratched your eye thats admitting it was on purpose and not an act. Just lost alot of respect for punk and if that was my kid I’d have jumped that fn rail and slammed his azz.

  • D-Man

    I was at the show and can confirm this happened. CM Punk stopped in front of me (my seat was at the railing) after the incident and I have a close up picture of him that shows a cut on his right eye and some blood on his chest. I also have a picture of him egging the little kid on and the kid with his hand raised to hit Punk!

  • Satan

    @ Danny i didn’t compare Punk to Jesus i firmly believe that Punk is jesus. First off people are making a big deal of this “Omg punk made a kid cry he’s such a bad guy!!” i remember back in the day when undertaker used to come out to the ring he made kids cry is he bad for doing that?? no it’s part of the show it’s part of wrestling if the kid cries it’s his fault for being such a pansy it said he was around 9 or 10? are you kidding me? if that was me i wouldn’t have cried it would have been the experience of a life time.

  • Justin

    all comment on this page made me laugh

  • Soulshroude

    We will see if it hits (pun intended) CNN or some other Media outlet.


    Looking at Punk tonight on Raw you could see the scratch right under his eye so the contact was legit, just no word on if the story is.

  • JAck45

    Maybe he was told to do it….

  • oxslangshoot

    i dont believe this bullshit… more hardy fans talking shit punk wouldn’t do that go smoke some more crack

  • bloodstone

    well after seeing raw punk has scratches on his face so it makes me wonder if there might be some truth to whats being said if it’s true punk needs taken down a peg or 2 . can’t believe he willing to take a chance of getting fired pulling a stupid stunt like this

  • CM Mark

    Man, you sure told me. LOL. I don’t need to say anything else. I’ll just let the other members tear you down for that one.

  • keylo

    CM Mark wow very mature response to a joke, but then again u yanks are pretty dumb when it comes to jokes, and last dont compare non us women to that of ur own as unlike yours 90% of ours are not bouncing up and down on a pole, selling themselves for a fix or are pornstars and of those 3, I bet ur mother was the middle one.

  • Seth

    bloodstone nailed it. Make my kid cry, I don’t care who you are.

  • bloodstone

    this is the kids fault ? i think the parents should of stepped in right from the get go . but punk should of known better if any of this is true can’t believe anything you read on the net . but if it is found to be true i think punk should get some kind of trouble for this he a grown man in this day and age you don’t mess with somebodys child if it would of been one of my kids i be setting in jail

  • CM Mark

    Punk likes to touch your mother too. Does that mean he’s a bad person? LOL. Spare us from the lectures too please.

  • keylo

    so punk likes to touch kids, there is a name for that AND 6burgh they are called entertainers not wrestlers as calling them what you did is a fecking disgrace to real wrestlers as there are only about 5/6 that can actually wrestle.

  • me

    sounds fishy to me, sounds like a plant, i really don’t think punk is dumb enough to know he can’t touch a fan, especially a child.

  • elvisD

    I hope he did, Damn kids doing whatever he wants, Hell! Punk got slapped twice, that shows how he wanted to draw a reaction from the fans, and a Cena kid, even better. The kid crying is BS, because he slapped Punk, he grabbed the kids shirt Oh No!!! If anything the kid should apoligize to him, Because Punk had to touch a Cena Shirt which is horrible

  • CM Mark


    @Attitude, @Emerson

  • Emerson

    I garuntee that the kid and his family were in on it, for all you know they were from the make a wish foundation and the kid wanted to be involved in the show. The people who would be at fualt here are the kids parents not CM Punk.

  • Attitude

    I call BS on this. Punk is not stupid enough to put his hands on a fan.

  • how can u compare punk 2 jesus and wow what a man he is that makes u real hard grabbing a 10 year old even if the kid slapped him first his the adult and should know better

  • In Grind We Crust

    I doubt that’s accurate. This sounds phony.

  • Kim

    Well if this ends his push it is his own fault. Why would you grab a kid? That is wrong. yes the child slapped him but he is a child. Punk should know better. He should have walked away. If this is true it is stupid on his part.

  • Satan

    Would you slap jesus in the face even if he asked you to?? i don’t think so.

  • Satan

    Haha if that kid was a cena fan that makes this even better but i hope this doesn’t mess with Cm punk’s push.

  • Adrian

    Woww, if hes really doing that shit, Just lost all respect for him right there.

  • CM Mark

    If this story is true, it may very well bury him again. I hope it’s not. But at the same time, i think it’s awesome if it’s real. Punk making the little Cena kida cry. That epic stuff, but not in the PG era. Either way, it’s not good for his push.

  • 6burgh

    telling a fan to slap u crosses the line. wrestlers cant touch fans, and fans cant touch wrestlers. is always been that way.

  • dont ask

    you got bitch slapped by ã 10 year old

  • statingtheobvious

    If this kills Punk’s push, I’m gonna be pissed.