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- Now that Joey Styles is free from his WWE talent contract, he can take part in other wrestling ventures and use his name. Styles is now selling shirts, mouse pads, iPhone cases and other items that feature his face and trademark “OH MY GOD!” You can see the store at www.cafepress.com/JoeyStyles.

- It’s said that Vince McMahon is starting to take a more active role within WWE again now that the election is over and Linda McMahon lost her bid for the Senate.

- Rob noted that “Juan Cena” used the regular John Cena theme music in his debut match at WWE’s live event in Salisbury, Maryland last night.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • erik

    Do you guys remember hogan ols 2003 mr america gimmick? I mean in 2003 after hogan vs mr.mcmahon wrestlemania19 match wwe had hogan in blue mask with white star on it. I mean maybe wwe is doing a simlar thing with cena just like they did with hogan as mr. america gimmick. Unleashed the patriots!

  • cenaWWE

    lol i’m just plain confused if he is mexican (which i am half) then the theme music shouldbe in spanish (john’s original music)

  • Zach

    Fuck me. The writers are just pathetic now. I really think they go to work, blow each other, and come up with storylines when they’re cleaning up.

  • shawn

    (tisk) oh brother. him and edge gatta go.

  • Ronald

    WWE is a cash cow for a reason. Cena’s merchandise will sell like crazy regardless of whether he’s on TV (as himself) or not. But now, WWE will ALSO profit on Juan Cena masks and, perhaps, other Juan Cena merchandise.

  • adam tarasievich

    Ok really john really or whoever is doing this story i mean no one is honestly gonna believe he is a different charchter anyways except the little kids. But giving him the exact same music and gear except for a mask you gotta be F’N kidding me.

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