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More On Lita’s Appearance On RAW, Her WWE Status

– As previously reported, Amy “Lita” Dumas has not re-signed with World Wrestling Entertainment, although it has come to light that WWE has approached her about it in recent months.

In terms of her cameo appearance on RAW this past Monday, Dumas was in the Northeast for a signing appearance over the weekend, and contacted WWE about making a visit to RAW to meet Pee Wee Herman as she’s a huge fan. This is when the decision was made for her to appear on live TV via a quick cameo.


  • Frankie

    mctaker! I love that name.


    Bring back Lita, one of the greatest divas of all time

  • Buttercastle

    Yeah a lot changed in the diva department since she’s been there. Now it’s a model catfight devision.

  • erik

    After way wwe humilated her with cyme time showing her personal things in her travel bag why should she signed with wwe. wwe would just have her jobbed to loser models that can’t wrestle kelly, layla, mctaker, bellas. Lita will go to tna if she wants to wrestle just like mickie james victoria and katie lea.

  • nnla

    Except Lita was that independent women when she was in the WWE even though she was paired with The Hardyz and also Edge but her personality is not “DIVA” it’s more of “I’m gonna kick your @$$ and be done with it”. Even Trish had that same personality. But the way she acted on Monday with the “ditsy” way even though it was only for a minute, it didn’t seem like her at all. I would love to see her back in WWE but I would want her as the way she was and not have to change to be a “Diva” and just another women out there for her looks and being ran over by the likes of Kelly Kelly and Layla.

  • Dwayne

    I’m with damkat, I would love to see her back

  • damkat

    WWE should somehow get her to sign back on..