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Multiple Wrestlers Removed From Roster, Knockouts Battling In New York City

— Four profiles have been removed from’s roster page: Murphy, Okada, Sangriento and Suicide.

On the May 5 edition of Impact, Murphy was kicked out of Immortal after losing a “Loser Leaves Immortal” match against Rob Terry. He has not appeared for the organization since.

Okada briefly resurfaced on Xplosion after his role as Samoa Joe’s henchman concluded. He had not competed since June.

Sangriento was portrayed by Amazing Red, who announced on August 4, 2011 via Twitter that he had parted ways with TNA.

Suicide sparingly appeared for TNA after resurfacing in April. He last competed at the May 16, 2011 Xplosion taping, losing to “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero in the opening match of the Xplosion Championship Tournament.

— In a battle of TNA Knockouts, Tara will square off against Madison Rayne (replacing Jackie Haas) at 3 Legged Dog Studios in Downtown Manhattan on November 5, 2011. Visit for more information.

  • Steve

    I’m shocked TNA didn’t do a Suicide 1 versus Suicide 2 match. They could have had Kaz and Christopher Daniels play the both of them. Would have been epic! /end_sarcasm

  • CC

    I’d hazard a guess that like Suicide, TNA had probably considered the idea that anyone could play the person behind the mask, so were probably thinking about getting someone else to wrestle under the mask.

    For me, its actually surprised me how long TNA has used the name Suicide when you consider it was originally only used as a way to tie into the video game. Considering how shit that game was, I thought that would have got rid of the character pretty quickly.

  • MJ

    Ok? Known of them did anything that great and its funny how Amazing red’s characther was still on the website and he was fired lol!