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MVP Says He Will Be Returning To TV This Year, Offers Thoughts On WWE Fans

On this week’s episode of MLW Radio, MVP, who is currently not affiliated with any wrestling organization, revealed his intention to return to television later this year.

In response to whether he would be joining TNA Wrestling as their hyped free agent signing (before it was announced as mixed martial artist Quinton “Rampage” Jackson), he said, “I have to deny it. It’s not me, but I will be back on US TV later this year. I promise. Not saying anything more than that.”

Following his departure from New Japan Pro Wrestling in February, the 37-year-old revealed on Twitter that he was working on a television program with Lionsgate TV that has no connection to professional wrestling. He stated then, “I’ll release more details soon. But right now I’m not affiliated with ANY company. And for the record my show has NOTHING to do with wrestling. I’m excited about it. The people at Lionsgate TV have been awesome!”

In his interview with MLW Radio, the internationally acclaimed wrestler encouraged WWE Universe members to broaden their wrestling scope and check out other organizations.

“There are some people, that to them, wrestling is WWE. In the same way that to some people, any cola is a Coke. There is amazing wrestling going on all around the world outside of WWE. You’ve got AAA in Mexico and CMLL. In Japan you have the company I was just working for, the legendary New Japan Pro Wrestling, the historically significant All Japan and Pro Wrestling NOAH. These people are fans of WWE and it’s a beautiful thing, but to me it’s a travesty,” he said.

MVP also discussed Vince McMahon’s positive and negative qualities, the psyche of working for WWE, Kenta Kobashi’s recent retirement, and more. To listen to the interview, click here.

  • Scooter

    I never got it but thats because 75% of hardcore wrestling is devoid of any kind of storytelling or psycology. Although I did love the Eddie/Malenko series.

  • CC

    Oh and I should point out that I have tried to watch Japanese wrestling, and have even seen some of the bigger names wrestle in local indy feds, but I have never been able to buy into strong style.

  • CC

    ECW was a perfect example of you either got it or you didnt. You can certainly understand why it never appealed to most WCW and WWF fans. I loved ECW, but if anyone said anything bad about it, well thats their opinion. It wasnt even comparible to the main two, and anyone who tried was seriously missing the point.
    An alternative should be exactly that, alternative, not try to copy what others are doing.

  • Scooter

    This was intelligent, well written and I agree with every bit of it. Sadly a lot of wrestling fans thing their opinion is the ultimate. For example here in Scotland we’ve got a company called Insane championship wrestling, it’s getting rave reviews and is considered an amazing live experience, simillar to ECW but as soon as someone says something negative about the company everyone jumps on them like they just commited some crime when in reality hey just never got the appeal of a company.

  • CC

    Its great to watch other promotions, I used to be a diehard WCW fan in the early 90s, then got into WWF/WWE around 2000, watched a lot of ECW and early TNA, tried some RoH and used to go to local indy shows all the time. Only problem is, like Coke, everything has its own flavour, and some of those flavours arent for everyone. If you are totally engrained into the WWE or TNA way of doing things, RoH or a local indy fed may not appeal. Just as there are lots of RoH fans who would never ever watch WWE (or never admit to it anyway).
    Its good to try other promotions, but expectations have to be realistic. If you expect everything to be the same just because its wrestling, you are gonna be seriously let down.

  • LDK

    MVP’s completely right, there’s a large amount of people who call themselves hardcore wrestling fans who haven’t watched anything other than WWE. If you’re a fan atleast check out one or two other promotions to to diversify what wrestling is to you