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Mysterio Participates In Injury Angle At House Show, Kidd Declines Comment On Smith

— It was reported Saturday that Rey Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler are currently battling injuries. Ziggler suffered a abdominal muscle at Friday’s Raw live event in Salt Lake City, Utah. The same night, Mysterio suffered a knee injury, leading to the early stoppage of a bout with Alberto Del Rio. He limped to the back afterward.

Mysterio participated in an injury angle at last night’s Raw live event in Fresno, California as he was attacked by Alberto Del Rio and R-Truth prior to his match with the second generation Mexican wrestler. Del Rio put the cross arm-breaker on Mysterio, and was subsequently assisted to the back by personnel. Meanwhile. Ziggler worked lightly during his match against Alex Riley as there was much stalling.

Both wrestlers are expected to work around their respective injuries and rest up as much as they can this week in Los Angeles leading into next Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view event.

— Tyson Kidd declined to comment on the release of David Hart Smith, who he won two WWE Tag Team Championships with.

A fan said he couldn’t wait to hear Kidd’s reaction to Smith’s release, to which he replied, “Keep waiting.”


  • whocares

    Good points. However, The WGTT did reform and since neither of them have any charisma on their own, they were just lost in the shuffle. You can have all the in ring talent in the world, but if you can’t talk on the mic, then the best you can hope for is an eventual Chris Benoit style one time title reign.
    Jomo is a perfect example. He does great spots in the ring, but he can’t sell to save his life. (I’m talking about selling a show, not selling a move.) If you can’t get people personally interested in you, then you’re just doomed to work the high spots at MITB every year, but never win.
    As further evidence, you could pretty much look at the Miz as the exact opposite of Jomo. Limited talent in the ring, but great stage presence and far more comfort on the mic.
    Of the two, which would you say has had the most success?

  • Bawb

    @ whocares

    I doubt Shelton and Carlito would have not cared if they were given better stories. Not everyone must go past the mid-card, and some are mid-carders for life, which is fine. Dean Malenko, for example, was an awesome mid-carder, and his rivalry with Jericho was one of the best.

    The two of them were just not in entertaining programs, and I think Benjamin wanted to continue the WGTTP run with Haas, which would have been fie. But, alas, WWE shits on the Tag Team division.

  • whocares

    Devil_Rising. A lot of people get upset when the guys they like don’t get the push they wish they did. But the guys you mentioned did a lot to hurt themselves backstage. Shelton and Carlito both said numerous times that they had no desire to go beyond their midcard status. Not to mention neither of them were so great on the mic. MVP was talented, and had a made for main-event gimmick. But he would rather get high than keep his job.
    WWE gives everyone a chance, but it’s up to the individual to make the most of it.

  • Devil_Rising

    It’s ridiculous how WWE will push “talent” like Alex Riley, and Wade Barret, and Sheamus, and all the other NXT rejects, or hell, even the dumbass who won Tough Enough. But they won’t give a serious push, nor even keep AROUND, guys like Shelton Benjamin, or MVP, or Carlito, or pretty much ANY of the kids from the Hart Dynasty. Perhaps if they hadn’t purposefully destroyed their own tag team division, they could have (and should have) kept that team together for far longer than they did. In fact, I’d go as far as to say the HD should have been the centerpiece of their tag division, for years, not just the handful of months that the team got.

    Instead, you get David Otunga and Mr. Perfect’s son, who has the most retarded ring name this side of Gene Snitsky. And now Harry Smith, the son of the British Bulldog, who has all the talent and potential in the world, is gone. Kidd and Natalya, I’m sure, are not far behind. Congrats WWE. No really. Wasting the literal Next Generation Hart Foundation, so you can push a bunch of “Create-a-Wrestler” losers.

  • Ryan

    its a novelty to retire at mania i dont think every guy needs to do it, i mean hell i’d rather have taker retire at the survivor series to make his career come full circle but i dont think it would be a massive match if mysterio was retiring at mania

  • Bawb

    “…who he won two WWE Tag Team Championships with.”


    “….with whom he won two WWE Tag Team Championships.”

  • SpudimusPrime89

    So, Zigger’s suffering an abdominal muscle. I though everyone had that. >_>

  • venom

    I know Rey goes on and off with thinking about retirement, but he should retire next year at Wrestlemania. He seems to taking it a little bit easy in his matches and his knees are still bothering him. He should wrestle Sin Cara or Del Rio at Wrestlemania 28 and retire.

  • Jeff

    Kidd knows he better be on good behavior