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Nash Removed From Raw Roster – Comments On His Future, Argues With Fans removed Kevin Nash’s profile from the Raw roster page and placed it in the Alumni section.

Nash has not appeared for WWE since losing to Triple H in a Ladder Match at the December pay-per-view TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. He succumbed to The Game after taking a sledgehammer shot to the face. The legendary grappler went on Twitter to comment on his immediate future.

“Punk, Cena got Raw covered. While I have my couch covered. My 15 year old so needs a Dad way more than RAW needs big sexy,” he tweeted late Sunday night.

Nash added that he is doing things on his terms and that he has not retired from professional wrestling. He later became agitated when a Twitter user said he could return to “second rate” wrestling organization TNA since he’s “past it now.”

Nash responded, “Don’t remember working you, past what? Oh shit sorry you think it’s real…yeah my fastball lost a little zip you fuckin MARK.”

He then wrote the following to another Twitter user who said “Triple Sucks” will lose to The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVIII and thus retire forever.

“YOU do know this shit is FAKE right? HHH could beat him if he was the person you think. Paul will do whats right.”

  • venom

    Okay not only do TNA staff want to beat up wrestling fans, but they also want to shoot them.

  • Jason

    That fan was a moron to try and start shit with Nash. Anytime some one who is not in the business tries to start a fight with a smart person like a Nash or Bischoff who is in the business should be shot and killed. Yes I said it

  • Jon


  • Bawb

    I like Nash. He’s one of the only guys that actually comes out there during interviews and just says that title wins don’t matter, it’s fake, etc., as opposed to Ric Flair who’s so enveloped by being a champion and what it means. Nash is all about the experience and just letting fans enjoy it. But when marks say dumb shit, I applaud him for telling to shut the fuck up. In the end, he knows he had work and a pay day, which is what should matter to a man who provides for his family.

  • Payaso

    I just lost whatever little respect I still had for Nash!

  • Nwo fan

    I really enjoyed Nash he brought the aggressive wrestling back no triple h wrestling raw and smack down are not the same

  • @

    Sounds like hes trying to be Super Shredder

  • scooter

    Everything I ever believed in is a lie! I’d cry myself to sleep if my bed never had john cena covers

  • Zach D

    Its not fake its scripted theres a difference

  • Edo. Risk

    @ LOGAN!!!!
    My thougts exactly!!!

  • Bill

    Who cares what page he’s on? Big Daddy Cool rides forever!!!

  • WeAreOne

    Haha nice one HATER


    Wrestling is FAKE? OH SHIT! So is Santa Claus real?

  • Logan

    Legendary Grappler?……..Nash?

  • Mark

    oh dear wots up with him???

  • Mojojojo

    “YOU do know this shit is FAKE right?”


    Nash keeps it real.

  • Nick

    @ rawvssmackdown stfu

  • Pig

    I doubt TNA will have him back…..he’s off to the Indies with Two Suck and maybe Hazer Romoan if they can get him off the sauce.

    Nash was never the wrestler he thought he was. Yes he had a good run as a big guy in WWF. Those days are long gone Nashy!


  • Kane Nexus

    So finally that has been was removed from the roster.
    He also sounds mad lol

  • Nick

    nash can suck my left nut