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Negative Reaction To Triple H’s Remarks On Daniel Bryan, NXT Wrestler Praised, More

– As seen at the conclusion of Raw, Triple H took hold of the mic and ran Daniel Bryan down yet again in typical fashion, as he proclaimed that the 5’8″ grappler is not worthy of being “The Face of WWE.” The Chief Operating Officer’s remarks had a lot of people shaking their heads backstage since they feel he was burying him as a performer rather than knocking him in a villainous manner that would lead to Bryan gaining retribution.

– WWE NXT star Tyler Breeze, who competed on WWE live events over the weekend in matches against Justin Gabriel, receiving positive reviews for his performance. His co-workers were especially impressed with his heel mannerisms.

– In WWE’s latest Susan G. Komen for the Cure promotional video, Nikki and Brie Bella share personal stories about their families’ struggles with breast cancer.



  • Scooter

    Honestly, RVD would never be the guy he couldn’t talk and he didn’t have the presence of Brock Lesnar or a Randy Orton.

    He could have been a great champion at that point but he would never be “the guy.”

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    well i never heard any of that stuff surrounding RVD, however as far as his weed incident all ill say is who gives a crap? im not condoning it, HOWEVER he’s hardly the first person to get a push and get busted, jeff hardy screwed up on many MANY occasions & look how they continued to push him.

    RVD was ridiculously over during his initial wwf run in 2001/02, and all im saying is that while i agree with certain wrestlers Van Dam COULD have been something special had they booked him right from day one, (and lets face it NONE of the wcw/ecw talent during that time got treated correctly)

  • CC

    RVD was always his own worst enemy. I am a big fan of his, but he did very little to actually become one of the top guys. He spent a load of time saying he was going to retire or leave because he was beat up, which was never going to gain him a push, and then when he finally did get a push, he goes and does a total butthead move and got stopped by the cops for possession.
    Whether you agree with the stance of marijuana or not, if its illegal, its illegal, dont take the risk.
    That said, even if he had been pushed, I seriously doubt he would have got to Rock/Austin level.
    As Scooter said, so many guys have never been “the guy” despite how popular they are, and no matter how much of a push they got (and dont tell me WWE did not push Edge harder than most people) nobody but nobody in this era will ever achieve the status of Rock/Austin because its all but impossible now with the way the business is. Without WWE and the viewing figures of the attitude era, you are not going to get a star of their magnitude. Even Cena pales in comparison to those two and even Hogan, when it comes to popularity.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    I completely disagree with you about RVD, they had a MASSIVE opportunity to push him to main event status in 2002 when a lot of the “top stars” weren’t there (Rock was in Hollywood, Austin was retired, Michaels was out until SummerSlam etc). Yet they kept him in mid card for years,and only got one single title reign.

  • Scooter

    Honestly, everyone needs to stop being so butthurt about the promo it was well done and honestly everything he said about RVD Edge and Jericho never being “the guy” was true and he was implying Bryan would be the same.

  • Josh

    I don’t get why WWE keeps trying to make out the Bellas like they’re the hottest women in wrestling. Such butterfaces.

  • Clarence Black

    I have no problem with what was said. Daniel Bryan is possibly the best wrestler today. No words from any other wrestler will change that.