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New Clip from WWE’s Batista DVD, Batista Comments on Fan Criticism and Lack of Support

– Courtesy of, a new clip from WWE’s upcoming Batista DVD is above. Here are some quotes from Batista on his return:

“I’m just one of those people who never really cared about being cheered or booed. If they cheered me, it motivated me. If they booed me, it motivated me more. Fans saying I don’t deserve it (2014 Royal Rumble win)… It’s like they forgot the 10 or 12 years beforehand.”

“I try to never be disrespectful. I left not because I wanted to leave but because I needed to achieve some things on my own without the WWE.”

“To tell you the truth, I wish the crowd had been a little more supportive. When I come back to WWE, I’m with WWE.”

  • Johhny

    ok i agree with ya,but in all honesty nobody on the wwe roster really deserves it … the state of the wwe is in my opinon horrible the product just aint doing it for me anymore.Bryan deserved it more i would say but no body on the current roster really stands out to me .Batista coming back and winning was supposed to go over not him being booed thats what happened people for some reason hate him and really i dont understand why,whats crazy tho if was hogan or punk or y2j that made a comeback and won the rumble the fans would go nutz for them.whats funny is how some people act like Batista is the bad guy tho when in reality he is just there for us the love or to hate..It is like when the Rock came back many hated it but The Rock paved the way in sorts for most of these guys that are there in the wwe today

  • Kristopher Robinson

    That would be worse IMO. Batista is at least not complaining or threatening to quit because he isn’t getting what he wants. Seems Batista isn’t happy about the way things are going, but he’s atleast acting like an adult and still staying for the fans he does have. And it’s not that I don’t think Batista deserved it, I just feel that there were better and more deserving than him ya know.

  • Johhny

    its funny you say that,i like your comments always …but i have a question for you what if it was cm crybaby i quit punk that came back and won it ? is he not worse than batista for being a bitch?

  • Johhny

    you are wrong fans boo because one fan boos and the others follow…yet all those same fans would wait in a line for hours just for his autograph …….Batista is not that bad i like him always have but then again i am not a bandwagon fan either ….and it is not his call to win naything talk to your boy paul i mean hhh…he booked it all i guarntee it

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    No fans boo you because 1 you suck and 2 only reason you’re in the spot you’re in is because of who you’re buddies with. You’ve been gone for 4 years only had a handful (if not a match) before the rumble and win it?? while other guys work their butts off 300 days a year and don’t get anything?

  • DanielBryanSucks

    Then who deserved it daniel bryan he couldn’t be champion longer then a month and got injured pathetic and finally wwe will strip that goatface

  • Timothy Davis

    The fans do remember that’s why they boo you haha.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    It’s not that the fans forgot, it’s just you didn’t deserve it lol.