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New Project for Christy Hemme, Rumor on Shane Helms and TNA, More

– TNA referee Brian Hebner is now on Twitter at @babyhebner.

– Christy Hemme is in New York City this week to play at BB King’s in the “VH1 Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp” benefit show for Jesse Farner, son of Mark Farner.

– Speaking of Hemme, she’s reportedly planning to release a workout DVD with a working title of Hemmesphere, a play off Trish Stratus’ Stratusphere.

– For what it’s worth, there’s a story making the rounds that Shane Helms hasn’t signed with TNA because his ex-girlfriend and current Knockout Velvet Sky has threatened to leave the company if he comes aboard. The story, which should be taken as a rumor for now, notes that the two had a nasty breakup and officials are more interested in keeping her than signing him.

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  • adam

    ouch thats gotta hurt helms lil ego they would rather keep a knockout then bring him aboard.

  • Sexton Hardcastle


    Actually helmes being a has been works in his favor if he’s trying to sign to tna. Thats all they seem to be interested in any more. That and the wrestlers that aren’t cut out for wwe any more… Oh wait, he has that going for him too. So you see It’s only a matter of time before tna signs him. Tha is if they havn’t already.

    I aint sayin… Im just sayin…

  • oxslangshoot

    helms is a has been, he wont work in tna

  • Doomsdae

    @James you are from Florida ain’t ya? Or maybe a redneck hick from Tennessee perhaps? Hell you might even be a Jarrett family member. Face facts ANY TNA match especially the Ultimate X match, or the Terrordome, or even the Lockdown Match, the worst one is the King Of The Mountain match; all of these matches put people to sleep there is no point to any of them. Climb out of this hole in the ceiling? Climb across ropes that form a X above the ring to get a belt or the stupid letter X? How bout it if they blatantly STEAL a concept that was fine the way it was 20 years ago does The War Games sound familiar? Cause that is what the supposed Lethal Lockdown match is. Then there is the KOTM match. The rules are the absolutely stupidest in the history of wrestling. Pin or make your opponent and you’re eligible to climb a ladder and put the title on a hook? The person who loses the fall has to spend 5 min in a shark cage? Can you say What in the BLUE HELL are they thinking? Then you have The “Professor” Mike Tenay put over each of these matches as if they were the coolest thing since sliced bread when in reality they are just matches that are for spot artists like Amazing Red, Kaz, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelly, Jeff and Matt Hardy, Jay “The Black Nacho Man” Lethal (Macho Man Randy Savage sounds a whole hell of a lot better than Black Machismo Jay Lethal” TNA tried to kill the character of the Macho Man off big time) Kaz, The Phenomenal Boring One A.J. Styles and The Bori-can Helms. BOTTOM LINE James quit drinking TNA’s Kool-aide or move away from the Impact Zone in Florida before a REAL Hurricane comes thru and destroys TNA forever.

  • Matt

    i think she should just get the sand out of her vagina and get used to the fact that helms will be in TNA eventually.

  • James

    Helms should only go to tna if they put more into the x division then they have i remember when the x division was the main reason people watched the show it was awesome. AJ, the fallen angel, petty williams, senshi and all that i can’t remember in ultimate x made the wwe ladder match look lame. They need to bring the x back to where it was I would love to see sabin, jeff hardy, amazing red, jay lethal, kaz, matt hardy, aj styles and helms in a ultimate x match it would be great but with hogan and eric it will probably never happen one can only dream.

  • As much as I dislike the core group I’m on shanes side here velvet is acting like a child nuff said

  • Matthew Carter

    @Ronald and @Shawn-I think they’ll sign Helms, just because you you have the Flair/Hardy Boys/and Shannon Moore good’ol boy network at the helm, w/bischoff and hogan, and they will probably put the K.O. strap on velvet to keep her there and to shut her up, and will make helms and velvet act professional about it. Plus, Velvet is dating Sabin, so there won’t be any issues. And as far as Velvet in WWE, no thank-you, cause Vinnie Mac will just throw her in with LayCool, and have a trio for his complete version of TBP. Thank-you but no. The only K.O I would like to see in WWE is Sarita and Daffney.

  • shawn

    @Ronald that would make no sense to me because shane would be a faction member filler and velvet acts to have a storyline rolling, along with her wrestling.

  • Joe2

    babyhebner…. lol

  • !?

    No offense to Velvet, but I think that Kurt Angle had it much, much worse than she does. I don’t know what happened between Velvet and Helms, however Employment 101 says not to mix your business life and personal life. If you run by each other back stage, don’t talk to each other it is as simple as that.

  • Ronald

    You watch…. TNA will take Helms over Velvet. Seriously, they’ll cave to the Hardy’s and Moore’s demands and sign up their buddy and push Velvet aside. I just hope that when that happens, WWE swoops in and signs Sky. She’s got the looks and can actually put on a match (at least better than the current crop of Divas). TNA needs new management and quick!

  • Kim

    Wow that sucks. I guess they figure she will get better ratings.

  • al

    thank god for velvet!

    no to shane helms