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New WWE Champion Crowned At The Royal Rumble PPV

Triple H won the 2016 Royal Rumble to become the WWE Champion. This marks his 14th time winning the title. He will be defending the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas.

The story of the match was when Roman Reigns was taken out earlier in the match by the League of Nations but returned just before Triple H came out as the 30th entrant.

The final four came down to Sheamus, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Triple H. The final two came down to Ambrose and Triple H.

  • JAckh45

    I have to agree with the HHH entrance, I saw it coming after the last few weeks of no shows… and when Sheamus coming in at 29 with Roman returning confirmed my thoughts.
    Right now Roman really has no one else to beat. The bad part of making him look so strong is he can beat anyone 1v1 now after all the handicap matches they put him in leading to RR… So until someone big comes back (Cena maybe? Seth? Orton?) we have to deal with Roman being in the title picture. Keeping the title in the RR would be silly, since nothing would come in terms of feuds… So we all knew he would have to lose. Actively right now, there is no one on the roster (apart from Brock) that could be the heel to challenge Reigns. HHH is still ring ready, can still take the bumps and still looks like his punches actually have some power behind them. He will always have heat since hes now a suit. He can make matches and do everything his own way. Hence the biggest challenge for the biggest stage for Roman… There is nothing bigger in terms of sense for him to have. So I feel like its a safe bet, and its exactly that… they know it will draw and its a safe match for both of them. No one needs to turn heel, no one needs to have hopes thrusted upon them and there isn’t any real threat of having the face of the company being booed at on the spotlight of the show.

    The spots too were again (like every year) wasted. I usually hate having the old guys surprise entrances during previous Rumbles… but now that we didn’t have a single old veteran return for the night, makes me realize how fun and entertaining they can be. Swagger and Henry have been sad for a long time now… but at least Mark finally got a Win on a pre-show… he hasn’t won a match for like 2 years (since Rusev debut).
    They could of pushed Lesnar more, I second that. I wanted beast, I wanted elimination after elimination and continuing, while we saw a tiny bit of that… you could tell how he was just waiting for his time to come the whole time being in there… when he walked to Jericho and then the counter started he turns around and walks to another spot he needs to be in… just made his whole time in there worthless. But I look forward to the Wyatt / Heyman promos now… so should be great TV for a few months

    All in all, the Match was a 6/10 for me. I popped when AJ appeared… just because I thought awesome someone new whos got an already big backing, maybe he might of done a great job in getting his contract that he walks out of this thing with the title… alas, not to be, but an Owens/Styles feud sounds good.
    I popped when Kane returned, I want his tally to increase but only gaining 1 maybe 2 more eliminations in possibly his last/seconds last RR just made me disappointed.
    I popped for the Roman elimination, but by that time I already knew HHH was walking away with it.
    Could of been so much more… I don’t see why they didn’t push for a 40 man one again… the roster is massive and for the title to stack even more “odds” on Romans favour adding 10 more would of been fine and worked. HHH winning was fine for me. Moving forward it works and sets up the WM card well imo.

  • Kristoffer Binder

    so why doesn’t wwe just hire all part timers(not includingh is behind the sceneswork 0 to winallthe belts. THENON lyhavet hemdostu ff at every 2ndor 3rd ppv. This is setting up a 3 way between, HHH, Roman and either Ambrose(NOPE), lesnar. possible4w ay withshe amus, yawn

  • CC

    Right from the off I knew HHH would be the #30 entry, so no big surprise there, and sadly no surprise he won. Yes they teased the fans with an Ambrose win, but knowing WWE like we all do, we all knew it would be Trips.
    To me the “break” that Reigns took during the match just proves he is still not ready for the top spot. WWE knew that he would start to wear down and underperform starting him at #1, so the only thing they could do to hide that was “take him out”. The commentators want to try to convince us that it was a shock, and he was out of the match, but not one single person believed that.
    So many wasted spots in the Rumble too. Why have Swagger and Henry win the fatal four way on the pre show, only to be eliminated like rank amateurs? Two former champions reduced to that is pretty sad.
    The other thing that did not make sense is Brock Lesnar walking away after being eliminated. This is Brock, the guy who for the last few years has not given a damn about rules. The Brock we normally see would have ran back in and eliminated Wyatt.
    Putting the belt on HHH makes zero sense right now though. It would have made more sense getting it onto one of the League of nations. I get that going into WM its actually better for the fans to get behind the face challenging for the title, but the heel has to be the right person.

  • Hunter_13

    even for me, that wasnt the result i was expecting, but i jumped of my seat when reings was eliminated, so the PPV let me with a smile at the end, and i think that 90% of the people in attendance (that also were booing reings all the match) went home with that smile too

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Well if that isnt a massive middle finger to the fans i dont know what isnt, what a joke

  • Ray Myer

    L. M. A. O.