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News on AJ & Daniel Bryan’s Storyline, CM Punk, Kruger vs. Gabriel, Watson

– It appears WWE will be keeping the storyline between RAW General Manager AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan going. WWE’s website has an article up asking who should Bryan fear more – AJ or Charlie Sheen. AJ also came out and distracted Bryan during weekend WWE live event matches, costing him wins.

– Fans continue to cheer for WWE Champion CM Punk at live events, almost a week after he turned heel on The Rock at RAW 1000. Punk worked Sunday’s live event in Pikeville, Kentucky and received the biggest pop of the night. Punk also impersonated Hulk Hogan in the match that saw him defeat Daniel Bryan and Kane in a three-way.

– Sunday’s event in Pikeville also saw former NXT star Percy Watson in action. He lost to Jinder Mahal. WWE’s South Africans battled at the live event on Sunday as Justin Gabriel defeated Leo Kruger. Kruger cut a heel promo before the match.

  • @TrevorAllen23

    Maybe they Bring In Matt Morgan to help Punk as the “muscle” tick-toc..

  • SYM

    These Live Events seem better than Mondays RAW.

  • sam

    i really cant see the fans booing him. hes gonna go forward in a heelish mode you expect, but the wwe fans will cheer louder and louder for him

  • adam

    If theres a new nwo. I could see it being Punk Nash(since he is still under contract with wwe) Miz if he doesnt turn face cody rhodes ted dibiase and drew mcyntire. If miz does turn face then they will get a big guy like big show or lesnar as the muscle since nash wont be able to do much. I have scene people say hall but i honestly cant see wwe brining him back again.

  • Shawn

    Nash wants Punk to lead the new nWo. Hulk Hogan was the leader of the old nWo. Punk impersonated Hogan. Hhm…..

  • Jimbo

    And the plot thickens.

  • xXx

    if so, who’ll be on it?

  • Pete

    With punk impersonating hulk hogan, could this be a sign for him reforming nwo?