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News from Cena vs. Kane Matches, Barrett’s Promos on Orton, Leo Kruger, More

– WWE will be returning to the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut for a SmackDown taping in March of 2012.

– FCW Champion Leo Kruger was back in action at Friday night’s RAW live event in Hartford, Connecticut. Kruger, who has previously worked as a heel, teamed with Alex Riley and Mason Ryan to defeat the team of Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins and JTG.

– While WWE’s website is still saying Randy Orton will be sidelined for just a few weeks, Wade Barrett continued to cut promos at this week’s SmackDown live events saying Randy Orton would be out for 6 months.

– According to fans in attendance, the John Cena vs. Kane matches at this week’s RAW live events have been mostly one-sided for Kane until he uses a chair and gets disqualified, with Cena getting the upperhand after the match.

  • Nicholas

    Most of the house shows guys like Cena are going to win. Does not mean Kane will not come out on top at the Royal Rumble. To me house show are nothing but practice only sometimes the house shows are better then the live tv show.

  • Dante Gabriel

    The Kane/Cena matches are probably more predicatble than the secret ingredient in the Warrior’s milkshakes.

  • Jack

    I imagine this match is gonna be brutal to watch when it finally happens

  • bonerjams

    Mostly dumb backstage skits during wrestlemania and the 1 minute women’s wrestling that people refer to as bathroom break. and vince mcmahon’s way of thinking.

  • misfit del rio

    Yes corny and off subject, but happy new year, to all my brothers and sisters, who share the same passion and love I have for this crazy world of wrestling. Here’s to another year of great (and sometimes dumb) arguments. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks again.

  • Ron Damon

    Of course. They can’t have their golden boy getting squashed, now can they.

  • Zach D

    I wouldn’t say one sided. The one in Pittsburgh was pretty even and a good match all the way through.