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News on the Night of Champions Title Changes, Bryan Competes In Dark Match

– Daniel Bryan defeated Heath Slater in the dark match before last night’s WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view in Buffalo, New York.

– John Cena became a 10-time WWE Champion by defeating Alberto Del Rio at last night’s pay-per-view. Cena’s 10th reign as WWE Champion is a record. Triple H is below him with 8 reigns as WWE Champion. Del Rio held the title for just 35 days.

– Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton at Night of Champions to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Henry has held the ECW Title and the European Title in the past but this is is first major singles title.

  • renz

    congrats henry… finally a legit heel champ 🙂

  • David

    John Cena WWE champion once again.
    Gee,I never saw that coming.
    I mean,what are the odds of John Cena being #1 contender for the WWE Championship and then win it?
    If I bet 500 every month on John Cena winning the title and retaining the title I would never have to worry about money ever again because John Cena and the WWE is way too predictable.
    When John Cena is in the picture we all can pretty much expect that he will be #1 contender and then move on to being the WWE champion within a couple of months at the most.
    I mean the guy has no skills,he can’t wrestle,he’s a poser and a fake and he’s boring as hell to watch.
    Its not that I don’t like John Cena,I don’t hate him,I just think that there are better guys in the WWE that can be a better champion and I hate seeing the same one keep getting the push and the title especially when there are those who are far better than John Cena will ever be and deserves to have title shots and be WWE champion than John Cena.

  • Joec316

    I guess y’all forgot about ron simmons. He beat vader for the wcw world title in I believe 1992.

  • Gary

    Booker T and Mark Henry are the only 2 “African Americans” to hold the title, Rock CAN be counted as one seeing how he has black in him but full blooded, the first to do it was Booker T

  • adam

    Wow really cena champion again. That fucks a bunch of stuff up. Number one the hole point of putting the belt on del rio was for the european tour. The second thing it screws up is now at survivor series there wont be a wwe title match if cena is in the team battle thing. Because there is no way cena is going to lose his title that quick. Also everyone had to see this coming i mean did you really think cena would keep lossin at ppv’s.

  • RUSTanator

    and booker t has been heavyweight champion.

  • RUSTanator


    rock is classed as a samoan. (in terms of race etc)

  • sharktopus

    im going to raw tonight. i hope someone throws a molitov cocktail at cena when he walks to the ring.


    the rock?

  • k91xxx

    Fuxxx cena he is a cancer in this sport ! Finely wwe has a black champ!

  • RAMSES 2

    the wwe champhioship lost value when Cena became champion.

  • Kawika

    i agree to bad wwe messed the ecw legacy up though.

  • !?

    Completely disagree, Henry’s first major singles title would be the ECW Championship. WWE can ignore and s*it on ECW’s lineage all they want, it is still recognized as a World Championship and there is nothing WWE can do about it.