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News on Sin Cara’s Move to SmackDown, Michael Tarver Update, Henry, JR

– New SmackDown Superstar Mark Henry is now on Twitter at @MH61271. WWE noted that his account name will be changed soon.

– Jim Ross and his BBQ products will be at the Legends of the Ring convention on May 7th in Monroe, New Jersey. Other stars appearing include MVP, Kurt Angle, Sunny, Dusty Rhodes, Vader, Carlito, Chyna, Ken Shamrock, Lacey Von Erich, Perry Saturn, Paul Bearer, Diamond Dallas Page and more.

– Former Nexus member Michael Tarver continues to tease that he will be returning to action soon. Tarver, who has been making appearances in FCW, wrote the following on Twitter: “I will bend without question but I DON’T BREAK I’ll come back BIGGER STRONGER and ANGRY.”

– Some backstage last night at RAW believed that Sin Cara being traded to SmackDown was done mostly so they can edit his matches before they air on TV. WWE didn’t want Cara and Rey Mysterio on the same brand, as both were drafted.

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  • venom

    If Sin Cara was drafted so they can edit his matches, then they are not confident in him. Sin Cara should only stay as a midcard guy until he fixes his mistakes. I think Rey and Sin Cara are kept on different shows so they can have a match at Wrestlemania.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Nah he just diDnt take that road. I believe that Chavo coulda kept it goin but i think it may have been too much to bear. Y keep mentioning someone u wish was there but isnt? Its like buring a sharp knife in a wound thats already open. Chavo coulda kept the lie cheat steal gimimick simply cause its a “family” tradition but he didntbut i think he may have wanted Eddi to RIP an not even possibly jump on that waagon

  • U ain’t awesome

    They should get rid both misterio and cara. I dont like rey miisterio, I think he used the death of eddie guerrero to advance himself, dedicating every match 2 eddie. While chavo got shit on by the wwe.

  • 2ratedrko2

    Damn Cara seems more trouble then he’s worth. F this guy.

  • chilly

    hilarious, that belief seems to be straight from my post last night

  • yelissa

    sin cara is the best