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News on WWE & TNA’s Negotiations for Flair, WWE Worried About Weather, HOF, The Rock

– The Rock was reportedly not at the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Miami last night.

– Despite the previous set time limits for Hall of Fame speeches last night, WWE ended up letting the Hall of Famers go long with their speeches.

– We noted yesterday that there was a downpour in Miami. While the Weather Channel forecast for tonight’s WrestleMania 28 pay-per-view is still good, WWE officials are in “bad moods” because of the potential for bad weather tonight.

– One WWE source says that while TNA “had all the cards” in negotiations with Ric Flair for the Hall of Fame appearance, they ended up “folding their hand.”


  • Jason

    Well said Poko, I wish there was more fans like you out there.

  • ogitchida

    “TNA FOLDING THEIR HAND”….. Heard that one before.

  • moo

    Blame it on the RAAAIN.

  • poko


    Nope, just someone tired of countless threads being turned into “Jason, Jason, Jason”. I don’t give a rat’s fuzzy ass if he works for TNA, WWE, or Toys R Us. It’s always the same back-and-forth bullshit. He’s one person, get the fuck over it.

    Or if you’re talking about my ability to discuss both the WWE and TNA objectively, and criticize or praise either without bias, that’s because I’m a WRESTLING fan, not some brown-nosed fanboy who puts loyalty to a company above the entire industry. I grew up watching any regional wrestling organization I could get on my television, so I can’t help but think the practice of swearing allegiance to any one promotion is bloody stupid.

  • Valo487

    ^ looks like Jason changed his username….

  • poko

    Don’t have an open-air event in Florida if you’re worried about rain.

    Also, comments against TNA for letting the WWE off lightly with the Flair appearance are kind of brainless. If anything, it seems like they took the high road. Grats to them for being classy.

    Some of you guys care WAY too much about Jason. If he really is a troll, then he pretty much owns several of you.

  • josh

    A light rain during the HIC match would be perfect

  • Shawn

    Hopefully WWE has ‘weatherproofed’ their ring and set. If so, no big deal. And imagine if right when Undertaker’s music hits, a loud boom of thunder is heard, a bright flash of lighting is seen, Undertaker steps out and it begins to pour. Now that, my friends, would be epic. I’m almost hoping for rain now!

  • Best In The World

    Jason is Gay lol

  • Splash

    Should’ve had Jason in on the negotiations for TNA as he knows everything in the wrestling world and could’ve landed them a great deal. When there’s a thumbs down on this comment it’s because Jason noticed the sarcasm. Multiple thumbs downs means he’s driving all over Florida hating on my comment.

  • nick

    Hopefully it doesnt rain, only a fews hours, IM IN MAMAI BABY!