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News on Zack Ryder’s US Title Shot, Update on The Undertaker’s Return, More

– Chris Masters wrote the following on Twitter regarding Mason Ryan:

“I like Mason Ryan personally.But NO he didn’t!I worked to hard to get the most basic move ever over.Robbery!”

– Regarding Zack Ryder’s United States Title shot against Dolph Ziggler at Survivor Series, WWE still hasn’t added it to the card on their website and they are still promoting Ryder’s petition to John Laurinaitis for a title shot.

There is still no mention on WWE’s website of Ryder’s title shot being confirmed and Ryder was asking fans last night on Twitter to keep signing the petition.

– Regarding The Undertaker’s return, nobody within WWE expects him to be back in action before WrestleMania 28. Taker still isn’t 100% confirmed for WrestleMania but if he does return, expect him to be back in early 2012 to set up a feud for the big event in April.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • KitKrock

    I wanna see the underweartaker vs michael cole at wrestlefest 28

  • Jason

    @ Donners

    You are hereby given Middletons’ job now LMAO.

  • John

    Who do you guys think Taker was wrestle at WM28? Before WM27 I assumed it’d be Cena but now I guess the only person he could face would be HHH again.

  • donners

    taker might be back for wrestlemania. then again, he might not.

    taker will promote wrestlemania if he’s going to be on it. however, if he’s not going to be there, he won’t.

    i’m going to try some of this journalism stuff now, bear with me:


    according to reports, the sun may indeed rise tomorrow. if it does rise, expect the earth to keep turning and everything to carry on as normal. if it doesn’t rise, then we’re all f*cked.’

    who knew reporting the news could be so easy?!

  • JIR

    Well Lou Thesz worked hard to get the Lou Thesz press over until _____________ stole his move

  • venom

    The Godfather worked hard to get the Pimp Drop(aka Attitude Adjustment) over too.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Masters did not say it was his move or that he invented it, He said he worked hard to get it over. I think he means he worked hard to make a common move look like a finisher.

  • Second City Saint

    Ryder vs Taker at WM28

  • venom

    I forgot Ryan did that move on Monday. Masters stole that move too.

  • Steve

    Test was doing it long before Masters was.

  • Hunter

    Is masters claiming a full nelson slam?

  • CC

    So the news about Ryder is that there is no news.