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– Matches taped for this week’s WWE Superstars before tonight’s RAW were The Usos vs. Yoshi Tatsu & Darren Young and William Regal vs. David Hart Smith.

– The dark match before tonight’s RAW saw Primo defeat Abraham Washington, who cut a heel promo before the match.

– The main event of next week’s RAW will be John Morrison vs. The Miz for the WWE Title in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, as decided by #1 contender Morrison on tonight’s RAW.

  • scooter

    I bet orton gets a shot at the rumble would be pretty cool if after his loss if JOMO won the rumble but that just aint happening name any ppv this year that never had either orton or cena in the title picture oh wait no such ppv exists FACT

  • Soulshroude

    Agreed Sky. More then likely the match will cascade into the Rumble regardless the outcome on Monday.

  • sky_queen3

    :facepalm: Jomo’s an idiot, titles almost never change hands at Raw and since it was really rencent the last time it did, he ain’t winning. Which is a bugger, ’cause I kind of did want him to. :(

  • Andrew

    Maybe Morrison’s gonna get a rematch at the Rumble?….

    then again, there’s a better chance of the Gobbledy Gooker winning the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles at the same time -____-

  • HeartBreakHill

    Shortest. Main event push. Ever.

    WWE underappreciating Morrison like this is really starting to **** me off…

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