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Nexus vs. The Corre Off WrestleMania, Jerry Lawler’s Girlfriend, More

– Malik sent word that in the new issue of Fighting Spirit Magazine, Jerry Lawler said that he’s currently dating 21 year old WWE developmental Diva Su Yung. Yung is using the name Sonia in FCW and got her start in the Memphis, Tennessee independent scene, for Lawler’s Memphis Wrestling and other promotions.

– At one point, WWE had planned for a Nexus vs. The Corre match at WrestleMania 27 but that match has apparently been nixed from the card. It’s believed that The Corre will now take Big Show on in some kind of match.

This is not confirmed but Kevin Nash is being speculated as a possible partner for Show. Nash was apparently told he would be doing another match with WWE soon and that may come in Atlanta.

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  • Can someone tell me the name of the lady with the green skirt on top

  • Mike T

    Wow King, real cool dating a girl who got outta high school like 3 years ago. Good for u…..old man.

  • Hombre Malo

    Striker used to always give jerry shit about his love of young girls.

  • Adrian

    Lame, I was highly looking forward to the Nexus/Corre thing…That just shot down some hopes. Even more reason for me to not order wrestlemania this year…Great.

  • JSM

    Great, Big Slow and Big Lazy versus The Corre

  • blah

    Honky Tonk Man said in a shoot interview Jerry looooves
    those chicks young. Rock on w/ ya badself King!

  • the King Of Memphs

    hahahaha Lawler is only Dating her Cause he thought her name was Too young, lol but su yong will have to do….. No Wonder Everybody loves the King

  • Will Henderson

    @Ronald, i don’t see that match happening, as Hall has a well known drug/alcohol problem and X-Pac had Hep C, too much liability to have them in that match, it will most likely be a 4 on 1 or 4 on 2 with Nash being on show’s team. or a tag-team match for the Tag Team titles with Show and Nash vs. Gabriel and Slater

  • Ronald

    I vote for Corre versus Show, Nash, Hall and X-Pac, the new World order! No, I’m serious. They, along with Hogan and DiBiase, were the first 6 members of the nWo. Look it up. Okay, okay…. so they won’t do it, for many reasons. For one, Hall and Pac can’t be trusted to actually be sober. Two, Hall probably now weighs more than Show. Finally, Vince would NEVER consider it. Anyway, if they’re considering this kind of match, I hope it’s only Barrett and Jackson versus Show and Nash. Built in feuds right there.

  • Shay

    This su yung girl seems desperate. She’s either dating him to get a job or she’s dating him because he has money. Either way…. eww!!

  • mark

    so what shes old enough ,so got no probs with it

  • The Great One

    haha hes 60 and baging a 21 year old lol good on you jerry, but as for the chick, if she is gong to try fook her way into wwe at least do it by banging vince or hhh, no point in banging your way to the middle

  • Davey Zoo

    Good for Jerry 😉

    This means no tag titles unless they give it to the Big Show again.

  • mark

    thats sounds better than nexus v corre

  • scooter

    old men dating young girls is just creepy……