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Raw Star reportedly has heat for recent actions

Nia Jax

It wasn’t too long ago when Nia Jax was in news and many said that the former NXT Star had walked out of Raw due to being unhappy with the creatives.

And now it appears that another controversy is about to begin as recent reports suggest that Nia once again has heat with the WWE Officials.

After losing the Raw Women’s Championship to Alexa Bliss at the Money In The Bank PPV, Jax not only unfollowed her on Twitter but she also started liking negative comments pointing towards the Goddess Of WWE.

This started a rumor about her on social media and talking about it, Dave Meltzer of F4Wonline revealed that it’s not a work and the whole thing has resulted in her having a real life heat with WWE Officials.

While it’s not confirmed, it’s likely that the decision to put the title on her at WrestleMania but taking it away just 2 months later didn’t sit well with Nia Jax and she is angry with the company.

Now it’d be interesting to see if Jax is punished in some way for her action. We’ll keep you posted on the matter.

  • Fire Nia

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  • David Klein

    Like I said I don’t like people calling someone fat call her whatever u want just not fat u dumbass

  • D_Ohm

    Right now Sasha and Bayley are having an interesting instagram fued. It’s all a work. Nia’s is probably a work as well.

  • Fire Nia

    You misunderstand me, I’m not against you. I’m with you.

  • Steven Stevens

    Are you posting with tears in your eyes? it’s obvious you’re raging inside. You’re projecting. I’m the one that posted my opinion and you’re the one that had a problem with it.

    You mentioning safe rooms, I hope you find one soon.

  • Fire Nia

    Those that preach tolerance the loudest are always the most intolerant. That’s why they need safe rooms, they’ve never had to accept that maybe someone doesn’t like them so when the truth hurts, they have to run somewhere safe to cry.

  • Steven Stevens

    Heaven forbid you have an opinion someone doesn’t agree with, and when some social justice warrior can’t counter your post, they literally growl and spit at the monitor while thinking of different insults to label you.

    inb4 troll, that’s a good one for sjw’s to end a conversation.

    The tolerant left ladies and gentleman.

  • Fire Nia

    Nia’s disgusting. I would actually respect Nia if she owned her failures and came out and said “yea, I let my weight get out of hand, but I’m taking back my life and losing weight” but she’s not. She’s saying “I’m a fat pig and you all have to like that.” No I don’t. I don’t want to see that. I want her to live past 45 and right now, I don’t see that happening. She’s one cheeseburger away from a major coronary.

  • Fire Nia

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  • Fire Nia

    Wrong on both accounts. I am someone who realizes that while people do come in different shapes and sizes, that does not mean that unhealthy lifestyles should be promoted. Being obese should not be glamorized. If Nia would do the right thing and a) learn to wrestle so she isn’t a hazard in the ring and b) drop eighty pounds, then I would be willing to reevaluate things. If she really is six feet tall, as WWE claims(which I doubt she is) then as a woman there is no reason for her to weigh more than around 160lbs.

  • wwemrpeeps85

    People are disgusting body shaming Nia

  • MindTricked

    The WWE does… SO much. They play out angles there – it’s officially part of “creative” (always with the quotes) and how they do things. On air, they mention Twitter so much that you’d think they have financial stakes in it.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Who cares about Twitter?

  • David Klein

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  • Soulshroude

    “Troll”, much?

  • Fire Nia

    That fat pig has no business being in the ring. It’s only a matter of time before she seriously hurts someone. The only reason she has a job is because of the Rock. If WWE wanted some fatty they could have rehired Kharma or some other unhealthy beast of a woman. She claims to be a role model. Does she want people to have heart attacks? Nia will be lucky to still have both feet in thirty years. If you want to be a role model, Nia, start losing weight and tell people how you let your weight get out of control but now are taking your life back.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    How petty are the WWE staff?? Like seriously

  • Steven Stevens

    What a stupid and fat pig.