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Nick’s Quick Wits-We’re Fans, And Hypocrites

To say that wrestling fans are a unique group of people would be an understatement. Some even hide being fans because of the fear of people of being tormented by people who don’t understand what wrestling is. Today, the biggest, and possibly most accurate thing, a wrestling fan can be called is a hypocrite.

Why is this, mainly because of how they react to the product. In today’s world with the internet, every week is filled with people going online and complaining about the product. While it can be justified, especially recently, in my opinion, it more of a trend now.

Fans online will complain every week, “worst Raw ever” or “worst PPV ever.” A lot of the time, this has to do with their favorite not winning and something they didn’t want to see happen, happen. The Royal Rumble was an example of universal disgust, but I feel fans complain online just for something to do.

Where they become hypocrites is the times when they say, “I’m done watching, I’ll never buy another PPV again.” I know that most, if not all, of these fans never stopped watching and continued purchasing PPV’s. If you hate the product so much, just stop watching. Don’t sit behind your computer, say you’re fed up and will stop watching. If you do that, ratings and buyrates will suffer and maybe WWE will start giving you what you want. If you continue to watch, they already have your viewership and money, so they will just put out whatever they want. If you want to be taken seriously, act on it, because if you don’t, you’re nothing more than a hypocrite.

And people wonder why wrestling fans get tormented.

I’m not writing another article again…Just kidding, I’ll be back next time,