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North Carolina DJ Challenges Chris Jericho to a Fight After Alleged Club Incident

– DJ Waleed Coyote, who works for 102 Jamz here in Greensboro, North Carolina, says he was involved in a verbal altercation with Chris Jericho at The Treasure Club in the early hours of May 7th. Jericho had R-Truth and a WWE referee with him. reports that Jericho got mad and took Coyote’s mobile phone when the man tried taking a photo of Jericho inside the club. Coyote is now challenging Jericho to a three-on-three “No Rules” match with proceeds going to North Carolina music charities. Coyote said:

“The thing that bothered me about this dude is that we weren’t formerly introduced and he acted out of line and you can’t do that in North Carolina. He would have done that to anyone in this state and you can’t do that.”

  • Turd Ferguson

    Jericho, Lesnar and Vince vs DJ Nobody and ICP

  • Angry Benny

    Wow! a 3 on 3 match, the money goes to a charity of his choice in carolina? so that would entail to a lot a wasted money on jack daniels, Jericho should just walk away from that hick town and DJ Hickabilly,

  • b c Mitchell

    Damn I gotta learn to start proofreading my shit before posting.

  • 1919dpg

    Jericho has gotten teeth knocked out with a ladder and finished his match. don’t think you’d want to challenge him to fight you.

  • b c Mitchell

    Also Flair is from Minnesota. He lives on Charlotte but is originally from Minnesota. Just come somebody isn’t from the inner city doesn’t mean they can’t be a bad ass. Only things to do in rural areas are work, fuck, or fight. Problem is its usually only family members around. Joke ha

  • poko


    Uh. Yeah, you did say LOOKS LIKE. And I quote, “Going on the wrestlers I’ve seen from that area”. Do YOU know how to read? Do you know what the word “seen” refers to? You didn’t say “met”, you didn’t say “heard”, you said “seen”. Besides that, I’m sorry, but you don’t just get to make up your own definitions for words. A hick is a person who acts unsophisticated and lacks knowledge about the rest of the world; it’s an insult, and NOT simply a person from the country.

    Besides all that, did you really think that North Carolina doesn’t have cities, too? That’s awesome. Did you know that the Raleigh area has one of the highest concentrations of PhDs in the country and is one of the top academic regions in the world? Or that Charlotte is the second largest banking center in the US? But I guess they’re hicks, too, just because.

    Stop being biased.

  • CC

    @poko .. what the fuck are you talking about? Did I say LOOK LIKE hicks?
    What does a fucking hick LOOK LIKE?
    A hick is a type of person who isnt a real city type (ie country people), and have a certain accent. So yeah, those names you mentioned are hick types because of where they come from. Only a few people break out of that sort of mold, and thats guys like Ric Flair.
    You really need to learn how to read or learn what a hick is. Something tells me you are mistaking hick for hillbilly.

  • poko


    So you’re saying Matt Hardy, Ron Killings, and Shannon Moore look like hicks? That’s hilarious.

    It’s amazing to see people get so angry over some lame DJ doing a publicity stunt, even to the point where they attack the state where the guy is from. Really, that’s just kind of stupid. Pretty sure you can find his type anywhere. It’s just a guy on the radio doing something goofy to drum up hype, it should be dismissed as inconsequential.

  • Josh

    Jericho took down Goldberg. I don’t think he’ll have any trouble with a DJ.

  • nick

    I hope chris ignores it..this guy wants chris to react so he can get closer to fame..buddy go suck a big one and maybe than/

  • Stevie P

    You can’t do that in North Carolina? WTF?

  • CC

    So because they were not formerly introduced, Jericho cant get pissed off at some knobby looking twat taking photos without his permission?
    Maybe he should have formerly introduced himself and asked if he could take a fucking picture, the twat.
    Just google this bellend, to see he is about as scary as a cheese sandwich.

    Oh, and why is this idiot trying to make out like North Carolina is some sort of badass place like the Bronx?
    Going on the wrestlers I’ve seen from that area, its pretty much a hick type area not a gangsta area.

  • Bawb

    Apparently, if you ban gay marriage you can pretty do whatever the hell you want in your shitty state. Hey, Y2J: make sure you get some of those NC Senators to tag with the DJ, so you can beat the shit out of them.

  • Straight-edge

    haha cant do that in north carolina because you all are bad asses? thats a joke. if this dj was bad what stoped him from doing something then. cause what you said he couldnt do he did bitch.

  • JAck45

    pfft, this wannabe is just trying to get publicity, its a fucking joke. “you just cant do that”, well guess what, you complete fail of a Human, Jericho did do just that, so suck a big one you bitch!