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NXT’s Bray Wyatt Returning Next Month, Teases That He Won’t Be Alone

– WWE NXT star Bray Wyatt, the former Husky Harris, suffered a torn pec back in June and it was reported that he would be out of action for around six months. Wyatt took to Twitter last night and announced that he will be returning to NXT at the September 20th tapings from Full Sail University.

Wyatt teases that he will be bringing some new faces with him:

“Do you believe? The wait is almost over……..”

“September the 20th. Full sail university #returnOfWyatt”

“Time to change the world. I will no longer be alone, i want to introduce you to my family”

  • Austin

    Or he makes the internet jizz in their socks and brings in him an Ambrose in their seats. I wouldn’t care for that though, I don’t find Ambrose to entertaining. OVERRATED.

  • Mordecai

    I wonder if Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) and maybe whoever the woman was that was laughing in his vignettes will be there too…

  • adam

    I wonder who he will bring with him probably bo and maybe another big guy for another enforcer.

  • Kawika

    Same as Austin he came to wwe as the ring master thought off as a midcarder at the time changed his character and became the rattle snake,and then started to get into mainevent.

  • Kawika

    Everyone can get over with the right personna take Rocky he was hated as when he first started as Rocky Maivia, it wasnt till he changed his personna and became the rock his career took off.

  • Kawika

    @Shawn I never said I didn’t like the guy I said I hated the character theres a difference. He can be a big player if used correctly and with the right personna. Thats what I said.

  • HalfwayJames

    It’s funny what a good character can do for a guy. Husky Harris was just boring to me. Extremely talented for a man his stature, but ultimately just another face in the crowd. This gimmick stands out and I can’t wait to see him on the main roster with it.

  • Shawn

    I love how everyone hated Husky Harris but they absolutely love Bray Wyatt. He’s the same damn guy. I guarantee everyone hates Michael McGillicutty, but if he debuted tomorrow as Joe Hennig, they’d love him. What the hell?

  • Kawika

    I like the Wyatt persona its has an interesting angle and it’s better then tank with a ferrari engine crap. I hope WWE lets him run with it in the main roster. Almost like a preacher with a dark twist. I like his mike work it’s a through back between Jake the snake mixed with a little rick flair and old school ministry of darkness undertaker.

  • Hank

    YES! Wyatt is by far the best NXT talent, excluding Ambrose who isn’t on the show. Hopefully a main roster call up isn’t too far away.