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Oh Bilal: 10 Future World Champions

by Bilal V - October 19, 2010

Everyone has someone they think is worthy of a WWE or World Heavyweight Championship. Here I’ll present my list of top 10 superstars who I think have the best chance of being the World Champion. Half will be taken from RAW, the other half from Smackdown.


The Miz: We all know he won the RAW Money in the Bank briefcase. There’s a lot of interesting debate whether he’ll succeed in cashing it in, but either way he’ll hold the strap. From red carpet events to an amazing promo he cut at a RAW World Tour show in Toronto last month, he is on the forefront much like his recent appearance on the cover of WWE Magazine.

John Morrison: Granted he’s a former ECW World Champion, but in terms of the active World Championships he’s yet to win either. Aside from how over he is with the fans, he is also a blast to watch in the squared circle. However it’s his parkour that really blows me away. Sure I can write a whole other list of people with similar skill sets but none who can pull off parkour. When WWE realizes the talent they have here or after some significant injuries John Morrison will be free running his way to a World Championship.

Wade Barrett: The leader of Nexus is already in a WWE Championship match at Bragging Rights. Even if he loses, he’s among the first names that comes to mind to take home the gold. Firstly, its a nod to NXT which WWE may still be looking to find a home for on a US channel (Canadian’s are still get it by way of The Score). He’s an extremely good talker, which is evident in his FCW commentary work. In the ring he puts up a nice array of moves for his size. Many with lessor skills have already won said World Titles.

R-Truth: This one might take the better half of a decade but I believe we’ll see it. He’s pretty good on the microphone even if a little overrated by some. What’s key is he brings that energy into the ring. A former US champion, his current body of work isn’t exactly a prerequisite for a World Title run. However, when you look at the rest of the RAW roster his balance of skills is not found among those who haven’t won the ultimate prize.

Daniel Bryan: The current US Champion is a complete joy to watch in the ring. While his promos are on the dull side the LeBell Lock puts any fears to rest. You already know he’s a mere 5’10 and 190 pounds but the product of Shawn Michaels training is ready for prime time. His past intercontinental wrestling has given him a credibility with fans that puts him way over. Some will clearly disagree with this pick, and other names are certainly worthy. However, if I was picking the 6th man in the Elimination Chamber or the 5th man for the Championship Scramble he’d be up for consideration.


Christian: I was almost entirely sure Christian had won the World Championship on Smackdown but apparently that’s not the case. I guess it was a dream. Anyways, those of us who watched ECW will remember he was an excellent World Champion there. While he is currently injured a comeback at the Royal Rumble, or Money in the Bank would be among the most memorable wins in WWE history. He’s paid his dues on every single brand. The sooner the Peep Show is hosted by the World Champion the better.

Drew Mcintyre: While his current run as WWE Tag Team Champion along with Cody Rhodes is random at best he is the chosen one. You need to look no further than Sheamus to see how this works. You get someone who is aggressive in the ring, a non-American who will do anything to win. An opportunity arises for said wrestler to win a championship match. All of this happens under questionable conditions but then they win the gold clean. Now you’ve created a legitimate champion. There’s no question this will happen with Drew, its just a matter of when. Expect the first sign to be dropping the Tag Titles.

Alberto Del Rio: He had arguably the best debut in recent history. He backed up all those rich heel promos with a solid in ring showing, capped with an old school arm lock. His promos are so good because they’re memorable. The luxury car he brings to the stage is not just great but he plays it up just right. He has the ability to become a fan favourite down the road. If this will happen before or after a World Heavyweight Championship is impossible to tell.

Kofi Kingston: A former Intercontinental, United States and Tag Team Champion, Kingston has won nearly everything but a World Title. We saw in his rivalry with Randy Orton and Legacy he has just enough bark to back his bite. His athleticism will entitle him to so many Money in the Bank matches that its just a matter of time before he wins one of these. The aging WWE roster helps this too. Kofi is someone who is good and getting better while his roster is getting older and seemingly weaker over time.

Kaval: At 5’8 and a mere 174 pounds, I’m taller than Kaval but I’d hate to be in the wrong corner of the ring with him. After winning NXT season 2 his WWE career on Smackdown has been a mixed bag thus far. But his in ring skills and his movie announcer voice equal a sizable amount of upside. Like some others on the list he needs time and a little luck. That said he has a brighter future than every member of the Nexus less Wade Barrett, because he’s forging his own identity early.

  • Bilal V

    In Grind We Crust, thanks for the comment. I couldn’t agree more.

  • In Grind We Crust

    I think it’s awesome that Morrison and Sheamus appear to be getting a program together. I think this is the start of Morrison’s main event push.

  • Bilal

    Thanks for the comments guys. I had a tough time deciding between R-Truth and Evan Bourne for the last spot.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DominationWrestling?feature=mhum Drake Felix

    I agree with everyone except Kaval. I like the guy but I don’t see him as World Championship material. And also R-Truth. I don’t see him as a main eventer in any books. I would love to see Brian as champion though.

  • Jeff

    Kaval and Danielson are the only ones I disagree with. At this time I don’t think they fit WWE’s skewed image of a world champ.

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