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Oh Bilal: PG TV Forever?

Many fans point to the attitude era as the greatest period of TV for WWE. However, they have since abandoned that in favor of PG across the board for all shows. Yet at the same time they put their own

stars like Kane in movies such as See No Evil which was rated R. So I decided to breakdown why this could be a life sentence.


The flag ship was once the very star of racy TV. So one would start there to change the tide. However, WWE‘s audience has since fragmented more towards kids and women than in years past. Look no further than WWE Kids Magazine. So to take the highest rated WWE show and risk alienating part of the audience isn’t the best business move. Granted one day that audience might mature while not attracting younger fans in which case there is hope. But that could be several degenerations away.


So why not just make Smackdown the more mature show. Well I’d like to expect… SyFy is owned by NBC Universal and won’t want to take the risk.But in fairness to SyFy WWE fans had the chance to watch ECW on the same channel which was more extreme and they grew tired of it.


WGN America is if anything more family friendly than the other WWE channels. Even if it wasn’t WWE seems uninterested in making this show watchable. Simply tossing left over matches not good enough for RAW or Smackdown. When instead they could of given us Raw vs Smackdown matches we couldn’t see anywhere else. That or some mid-card segments and matches.


Here’s the prefect example of a show that should of been +14. WWE had no TV deal making the show online after a few seasons. You’ve got rookies who want to be fresh and creative. Pair

them with pro’s like The Rated R Superstar Edge among others. But alas WWE wanted to get a TV deal for Tough Enough and saw this as a way to sell USA Network on the show. But given WWE has a deal, I don’t understand why they don’t want to put the X in NXT for the final season.

So we come to the last hope…

WWE Network…or Channel

Sadly it may not be until 2012 or even 2013 that WWE considers +14 TV. But it won’t start with any current show, rather WWE replaying the previous mentioned See No Evil movie. After which WWE will likely begin to convert less tame WWE Originals into TV shows. From there you might see a show like Superstars be reworked after the TV agreement ends. I can’t say I’ll be holding my breath.

Until next week your either Wrestling Edge or against us!

  • andre lewis

    youre right but wwe didnt water down austin rock or hbk they were allowed to be themselves cena went from a rebel to a damn boyscout but like i said the pg seems to be slowly fading the wwe universe website closed as soon as 2011 began the storylines have been more mature just slightly cena swearing punks fake suicide attempt the pg element is slowly fading

  • Matthew Carter

    @andre lewis: I agree that WWE being centered around John Cena may be annoying, but if you look at their past track record, you will see that this is nothing new-WWE did it with Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, HBK, Bret Hart, and Hulk Hogan back in the 80’s and during his return. This is their oldest trick in the book, and sad to say, it’s never going to change with them.

  • andre lewis

    i dont like how the whole wwe revolves around cena its annoying and see no evil came out in may 06 not 07 wwe was still in the ruthless aggression era at that time this bs pg crap started in late 08 but didnt finalize til 2009 it seems to be getting more extreme like latley tho nothing like the attitude era maybe something similar to the ruthless aggression era but wwe now is nowhere near what it was in 2009 09 sucked bad 10 was a lil bit better

  • Bilal

    Thanks for the comments. I’m not saying PG is bad… just that one show should cater to an older audience. As per the demographics many of those above 18 are parents.

  • Zach

    But WWE states on their website that 79% of their audience is 18+ so….

  • donners

    Kim’s right.

    take a look at the Miz over the last 2 weeks – he’s attacked Jerry Lawler and had a quality falls-count-anywhere match with John Morrison with some entertaining brawling and a great table spot in it!!

    there are things that WWE can do within the grounds of a pg rating which can make the show exciting, they’ve just chosen not to.

    better quality matches, not opening every show with a 5-10 minute recap of last week (which John Cena pretty much admitted to recently), not shoving things down our necks that we don’t want to watch (i was thinking Nexus, but i might change my mind on that if CM Punk comes through) etc.

    changing back to a non-pg rating will just mean that John Cena gets to swear a little bit, it doesn’t necessarily mean the shows’ll get better…..

  • elvis duff

    i believe that wwe makes a lot of money out of pg besides if you would target the kids as a market you’ll make a lot of money compared to adults. Another thing is that tna SUCKS.

  • Kim

    They can still do good shows with a pg rating. Just changing the rating is not going to automatically improve things. The booking and writing of the shows is the problem too not just the rating.

  • Bilal

    Fair enough, I think See No Evil may of been 2006 even. But 12 Rounds had an unrated version on DVD in 2009.

  • cena approved

    You cant use see no evil as an example when that came out in 2007 pre-PG which didnt happen until july-august 2008.

  • cena approved

    ^^^^ hey just like TNA. COOL!

  • bloodstone

    so other words wwe will remain a joke with crappy storylines